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This course sets out to give you a solid foundation for further study in other areas of economics such as macroeconomics and microeconomics. In this introductory economics course, we’re going to introduce you to economics and then we will immediately go into the core topics of economics such as specialization, division of labor.

We will then illustrate some important economics concepts such as opportunity cost and competitive advantage using the production possibilities curve. We will then cover some of the mathematics you will need to understand in order to succeed in economics - these include summary statistics concepts such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation and so on.

And finally, we will discuss in detail the most important topics in economics; Demand and Supply.

Course materials include:

- 4 audios

- 8 notes

- 18 videos

- 3 quizzes


No prerequisites.

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21 Slideshows

4 Audio files

15 Notes

6 Quizes

What you will learn

At the end of this course, the user should be able to comfortably answer all questions on specialization, division of laboropportunity cost and competitive advantage, the mathematical tools used in economics, Demand and Supply.


Welcome to Principles of Economics
Introduction Preview
What is Economics?
Division of and Specialization of labor
Types of Economic Systems
Choosing what to produce and consume
What is Economics
Division of Labour
Economic Systems
Economic Systems - Capitalism vs Socialism
What to produce
What to produce II
What to produce II
Tools for Economics analysis
Bar Charts
Pie Charts
Intro to Mean, Median and Mode
Median example 1
Median example 2
Median example 3
Mode examples
Mean Examples
Introduction to supply and demand
Equilibrium of supply and demand
Introduction to Supply and Demand

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