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This course is designed to help you completely understand significant figures and its rules, rounding up of numbers and its rules, and also mathematical operations involving significant figures.

After spending a lot of time solving a problem - have you ever had to choose the correct answer out of a set like this?:

 -> 1.025

 -> 1.03

 -> 1.0251

This is the nightmare of anyone who does not have mastery of significant figures. Well now that you are in university, you will find more and more classes that just assume you understand significant figures. These include biology, chemistry, physics, statistics and much more. Therefore this course is a must-have for anyone who expects to take at least one math or science university course.

Course Materials Include:

4 videos
3 notes
1 quiz

Discussion Forums:

The course discussions boards are an important aspect aspect of this course which will enable you to get your questions answered in depth either by the instructors or your classmates. Actively discussing the concepts we cover on the discussion board is an integral part of the learning process. Therefore i will lead the discussion of the key topics from this course from time to time.


Basic arithmetic


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What you will learn

At the end of this course you will be able to:

->  Add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers while keeping the right number significant figures

-> Round numbers to the right number of significant figures


Identifying Significant Figures
Significant Figures Identification
Rounding Numbers
Rounding Numbers
A note on rounding numbers
Mathematical Operations
Mathematical Operations
Mathematical Operations

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