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Kinematics is yet another course in the series of online physics courses for JAMB and WAEC preparation.

This course consists of videos and text lectures covering the length and breath of Kinematics. We will provide detailed examples to help you gain mastery in solving the specific types of problems you will encounter in your standardized tests.

Therefore, this course is ideal for students preparing for JAMB or WAEC, but it will also be very helpful for student looking for an introduction into Kinematics in general.This class is ideal for people preparing for the JAMB or WAEC physics exams.

Although this course provides general information about kinematics, we occasionally tailor the content specifically towards the areas that are most likely to appear on the JAMB and WAEC standardized tests.

Course materials include:
-> 5 quizzes
-> 5 notes
-> 5 videos
-> 2 audios


Basic Knowledge of algebra and trigonometry

₦ 200

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21 Slideshows

4 Audio files

15 Notes

6 Quizes

What you will learn

Everything you need to know about;

- Units

- Vectors and Scalars

- Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Constant Velocity and Constant Acceleration

- Basic word problems

- 2D problems


Introduction Preview
Units and Measurement
Units and Measurement
Vectors and Scalars
Vectors and Scalars
Speed and Acceletation
Constant Velocity
Constant Acceleration
Speed, Velocity and Constant Velocity
Acceleration and Constant Acceleration
Basic Word Problems
Basic Word Problems
2D Problems
2D Problems

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