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The course covers all you will need to know to ace set theory questions on JAMB exams. It is designed for students of all skill levels. Whether you consider yourself to be great at math or you struggle with it, you will definitely gain something from taking it because, it covers all the important topics under set theory thoroughly with notes, audios, slideshow and quizzes with unique and challenging questions that will help you identify your weak points and improve on them.


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What you will learn

* Basic concepts and terminology of set theory

* Solving set theory word problems

* Solving set theory problems using Venn diagrams


Welcome to Set Theory Preview
Introduction Preview
Exercise I
Exercise I
Set Operations
Example I: Union, Intersection and Difference
Example II: Union of Set Differences
Example III: Intersection of Set Difference
Example IV: Union of Set Difference and Intersection
Example V
Exercise II
Exercise II
Venn Diagrams
Exercise III
Exercise III

About the Tutor

Inyang Umoh (tutor)
M.Sc Computer Science
Uni. of Southern California

Inyang holds a in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, his education and employment backgrounds provide a solid foundation in mathematics and significant experience in applying that knowledge toward practical engineering tasks.

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