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This course covers all important topic under Foreign Policy And Nigeria's Relationship With The International Community. Each topics is adequately treated and simplified for easy reading and understanding. Quizzes are provided at the end of each lesson for student practice. These quizzes are meant to help you identify your weak points and improve on them.


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In the course we cover how Nigeria interact with the world and the reason for interaction. You will come to understand Nigeria's Foreign Policy since independence and the factors that can affect Nigeria's foreign policy. You will also learn about Nigeria's Non-Alignment Policy, the achievement and the problem of non-aligned movement, and the reason why Nigeria adopted the non-aligned movement. We will then discuss in details Africa As The Centerpiece Of Nigeria's Foreign Policy, Reasons for the Adoption of Africa as the Centerpiece of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy, and Ways In Which Nigeria Demonstrated that Africa is the Centerpiece of Her Foreign Policy.


Nigeria And The World
Nigeria's Interactions With The World
Nigeria's Foreign Policy
Nigeria's Non-Alignment Policy
Relationship With African Countries
Relationship With African Countries

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