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  • Government Lesson: 3 Branches of Government


    Inyang Umoh (tutor)
    26-02-2016 06:30:00 +0000

    You are expected to know the 3 branches of government of Nigeria. This is one of the most fundamental concepts asked in JAMB government questions.

    The government is split into 3 "equal" parts namely
    1) Legislature - Responsible for making laws and passing spending bills. The legislature in Nigeria is called the National Assembly and it's broken into two groups, the House of Representatives and the Senate
    2) Judiciary - Responsible for interpreting the laws. The judiciary is led by the Supreme court of Nigeria which may have up to 21 justices
    3) Executive - Responsible for carrying out and enforcing the law as written by the legislature and interpreted by the judiciary. The executive consists of the president and the vice president

    The following diagram illustrates the 3 branches of government in Nigeria.

    1) What is the point of splitting the government into several equal parts?
    2) What is the national assembly broken into two? What are the differences between The House of Reps and the Senate?
    3) What role does the vice president place?

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    thanks a lot

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  • Haruna Muhammad


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  • Sage Anthony


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  • ekhator osawese

    ple what is d difference btw d house of rep ad d house of senate

    0 26-02-2016 06:42:00 +0000

  • Glory Uzochukwu67

    yes,differentiate them

    0 26-02-2016 07:28:00 +0000

  • SoLiMzY olaifa

    The vice plays and executive role right?

    0 26-02-2016 08:21:00 +0000

  • Frank Obinna

    Senate lagislate for fedral govt why house of reps lagislate for States and L G A

    0 26-02-2016 08:34:00 +0000

  • micheal trevon

    house of reps consist ur ministers

    0 26-02-2016 11:32:00 +0000

  • Amaka Ottor

    the legislature of nigeria is bicameral...the house of senate is the upper chamber and house of rep is the lower chamber...both have legislative functions but the house of senate is the highest law making chamber...they are collectively known as the National House of Assembly

    0 26-02-2016 20:04:00 +0000

  • Inyang Umoh (tutor)

    There seems to be some confusion about the difference between the house of reps and senate. First lets start with the similarities. 1) They are both part of the Federal Government 2) They are both part of the legislature, which means they are the ones that make new laws and approve budgets. Now here are the just some of differences: 1) Although both house and senate work on laws and bills, the house is reposible for initiating the process. 2) The senate is responsible for approving the presidents ministers and other key appointees 3) Only the senate can remove the president from office (requiring a 2/3 super majority) 4) Every state in Nigeria gets 3 senators (109 total) whereas 5) The number of House of reps members a state sends to the National Assembly depends on the population of that state. So obviously Lagos and Kano have the largest number of house of reps members (24 each) out of the total 360..

    0 28-02-2016 15:08:00 +0000