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    Use of English

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    19-02-2016 05:39:00 +0000

    Below are a set of words that appear commonly in the JAMB use-of-English. Often times the test makers try to confuse students by using words with similar sounds in the wrong way to see if you can detect the problem. Below are some word pairs that are similar-sounding but have different meanings.

    Can you explain how these words pairs differ?

    1) circumspect vs circumvent
    2) collusion vs collision
    3) competent vs competing
    4) comprise vs compromise
    5) concerned vs concerted
    6) conscientious vs conscious
    7) consist vs consistently
    8) contemplate vs contemporary
    9) contracted vs contradicted
    10) convict vs convince
    11) credible vs creditable
    12) carefree vs careless

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