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  • Answers to CRK JAMB 2014

    Christian Religious Knowledge

    Crk Tutor
    11-02-2016 20:23:00 +0000

    Hello Fam!

    Good job for all of those who got the answers to this post correct!
    Anums Onyinyechi
    Esther Eberechi
    Amira Adesola
    omolola paul
    Joy Okpokor

    Here are the correct answers with their Biblical references (KJV):
    Question 4) Joseph's foresight as a leader was exemplified in his:
    A. storing food for the seven years of famine
    B. service to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh (CORRECT ANSWER B: SUBJECTIVE)
    C. managing the house of Pharoah very well
    D. forgiving his brothers for selling him into slavery

    Question 34) When Jesus was sent to Herod for trial, he was very glad to see Him because he
    A. wanted Jesus to preach to him
    B. knew Jesus would bless him
    C. had wanted to punish Jesus for calling him a fox
    D. had long desired to see Jesus (CORRECT ANSWER D: LUKE 23:8)
    Question 44) According to Paul, Christians should forgive one another so that
    A. they may not perish in sin
    B. Satan may not gain advantage over them
    C. their prayers may be heard by God in heaven
    D. God may forgive them (CORRECT ANSWER D: COL 3:13, EPH 4:32, MATT: 6:14)

    Personally, I think Question 4 should be worded in such a way to give definitive Biblical reference (as the other two), b/c as you can see it is open-ended can possibly include several answers. I also personally believe the BEST answer to this question was/is Answer A: but for the sake of Jamb and what THEY deem correct on their exam, and with no biblical reference to support or refute it, the answer is B.

    BTW, @Nicholas Ehiabhi:
    You mentioned you wanted more CRK past questions... well, rest assured we are ramping past questions of all subjects across the board in preparation for the upcoming JAMB 2016 exams, to include CRK. Look out for them in the near future!

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