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  • Best Strategy To Ace Your Literature Exam


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    30-01-2016 20:23:00 +0000

    Most people believe that there are 3 keys to succeed literature JAMB exam
    1) read the books on the syllabus
    2) read the books on the syllabus
    3) read the books on the syllabus

    There is a lot of wisdom in this view of the world but we have analyzed the questions in detail and we can categorically state that just reading all the books is not enough.

    Our analysis has shown that at least 50% of the questions on every literature in English exam tests your knowledge of various literary concepts and terminology. Essentially you have to be able to describe what you are reading using the jargon of professionals in the literary fields.

    We believe having a strong command of literary concepts will have the biggest impact on your success on the exam. With this in mind, we will create a few discussion posts where we can all discuss these concepts in dept.

    Stay tuned for updates in this forum.

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    is that an app

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    pls wha books r on d do i get d syllabus

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    please what books are on Yvette syllabus

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  • Gold Mine

    Here's a list of the Literature syllables Harvest of Corruption (drama) Othello (drama) Faceless(prose) Lonely days Native son (prose) Vanity (poetry) Ambush piano and drums (poetry) The Dinning Table (poetry) The panic of growing older (poetry) The Anvil and the hammer (poetry) Crossing the bar (poetry) The pulley ( poetry) The school boy ( poetry) The proud king (poetry)

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