• Challenging Questions from Commerce JAMB 2014


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    23-01-2016 20:17:00 +0000

    The questions below presented a challenge for most of the students that attempted them. Lets all attempt to answer them.

    Question 21) The distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria is through
    A. rail
    B. road
    C. sea
    D. air

    Question 27) Which of the following attracts only interest but leaves the capital unpaid?
    A. a long-term loan
    B. a development bond
    C. a redeemable bond
    D. an irredeemable bond

    Question 33) A document sent by a broker to his client to confirm a purchase of sale made on his behalf is
    A. delivery note
    B. consignment note
    C. transfer form
    D. contract note

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