• Most Failed Questions on Jamb Biology 2006


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    22-01-2016 20:26:00 +0000

    Below are some questions that a great percentage of people who attempted them failed. DO you know the answer to these questions? Lets all attempt to answer them for practices makes perfect. :)

    Question 19: The two normal types of sex chromosomes are
    A. XXY and XYY
    B. XX and SYY
    C. XY and XXY
    D. XX and XY

    Question 42: Grasses recover quick from bush fires in the savannah because of their
    A. perennating organs
    B. rapid growth rate
    C. fibrous roots
    D. succulent stems

    Question 29: The part of the mammalian skin involved in temperature regulation is the
    A. sweat gland
    B. hair papilla
    C. hair follicle
    D. sebaceous gland

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