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  • "princess of Atlantis " chapter 3..

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    The cave of the two horned beast Chapter 3 “you have been founded guilty of murder and shall be sent to the cave of the horned beast”, said the King to a man who murdered the son of the butcher because the poor boy mistakenly fell his son down the hill and he was severely injured. But the king pronouncement sounded strange to princess Ariadne and Agar “the cave of the two horned beast”, what actually is this two horned beast and where is this cave?. The horn was blown at exactly the dawn of the day, everyone has been waiting for this very moment even though it is not a joyous one. Myriads of knights were uniquely aligned from the gate of the kingdom to the palace entrance. The horn blew for the second time, this time the guilty was brought out in sack clothes, though he was looking sorry for what he has done. The king Moldusolem and his queen finally came out in a very colorful attire of royalty gazed at them with joy, but once they remember what is about to happen to the criminal, their faces changed. The king finally spoke “people of Atlantis, as we all know what we are here for, today is the day this man( pointing at the guilty) will be banished to the cave of the beast, and as we all know, no one has ever gone come back alive…”This made everyone shuddered with fear and they looked so terrified ,before they could blink their eyes three hefty men grabbed the convicted and kept him on a chariot, the gate of the Kingdom was widely open for the passage of the chariot and slowly it moved, until the horses were whipped so hard and they sped up. The cave was about twenty kilometers far east of Atlantis and off they went to the cave of the mysterious beast. Unknown to everyone princess Ariadne and Ager where inside the chariot ,they sneaked into it before it left. They stayed inside the chariot unnoticed until they arrived at a place called Gomar,a place a little bit close to the cave. The hefty men came out of the chariot holding the criminal so tight. They tied his head with something looking like a sack material, and his both hands were tied with a very strong cord, They began to move towards the cave. Ariadne and Ager came out of the chariot ,tracing the footsteps of the hefty men and the criminal.suddenly,ager dragged Ariadne aback and said “we have to have a plan, how are we going to escape the sight of this hefty men as well as this mysterious unknown beast, and still return to the kingdom?”. They both agreed to set up a plan before embarking on the journey to the cave. The hefty men and the criminal were still on their way to the cave, the criminal has hit his legs on several stones causing bruises on his toes, and thorns with sharp edges had given him severe injuries on his skin. Most times he groans due to the inevitable pain, but cannot be heard because his head has been engraved and tied to a sack like material. Finally they arrived at the edge of the cave ,they threw the criminal down the cave leaving him to face his own fate. The hefty men ran so fast towards the chariot as if they were being chased by a cheetah .To their surprise they couldn’t find the horses tied to chariot. They became so scared because they thought the beast has eaten up their horses and will soon do the same to them. They ran immediately towards the kingdom with intensifying speed. Agar and Ariadne had tied the horses to a baobab tree as means of escape. They ran towards the cave to save the criminal. They arrived at the exact spot where those hefty men threw he criminal into the cave. The cave was about four feet tall and five cubit wide at the outside, but no one knows how it’s going to be on the inside they started to enter the cave little by little .The cave was dark and scary, it looked so old and had the smell of blood. Something hopped out f an hole, this made Ager so terrified, he held Ariadne so tight and shouted “it’s the beast, it’s the Beast” Ariadne also was initially scared but later noticed that it was just a rat initially feeding on a leaf but on hearing the arrival of an human, ran for its life. Ariadne looked a ager and said “you should have been a female” jestingly and they laughed. They both continued moving down the cave.The cave was filled with bones and skulls of dead knights who must have fought bravely with the beast but ended up been killed and eaten up as well has criminals or severe offenders of the kingdom. they finally arrived at a point in the cave that seems to be it’s center. They saw the criminal tied up in a sack like material and immediately they loosened him. They were about leaving when they heard the sound of something arriving, they could feel the intense vibration. It was as if the whole cave was about to be demolished. Agar started to pee on his trousers even before seeing this coming thing, he shrank into the wall of the cave waiting to see the thing that's upcoming. Alas, it was a nine foot beast!, it had the head of a bull, the legs of a bull but the body of an human. Oh.. .it is a “minotaur” ,a beast said to kill every living thing in its sight. It has finally smelt the aroma of delicious food not even one three!! .Ariadne immediately asked the criminal “what are we going to do, its going to kill us all”, the criminal immediately gave them a rope the one used in tying him, and told them “run up the cave, tie the rope to a round rock and roll it down the cave, shout “fradron” when you are about rolling it down”. They agreed to that plan ,then Ariadne asked the criminal “what about you?” and the criminal replied “I have to keep this beast busy, run!! !”.They ran up the cave, and began looking for a round rock. Finally they founded one huge rock and they tried hard to roll it but they couldn’t. While down the cave the beast has severely injured the criminal, but still the criminal fought bravely refusing to give up. Ager and Ariadne were confused of what to do next, finally Ager remembered He was taught a spell by his grandfather .He stood up went near the rock and said something that sounded like “asder • mebuchalem-dra-gromer”.suddenly the rock began moving towards the cave, Ariadne and Ager shouted in chorus “fradon”.the criminal immediately started to trick the beast towards the entrance of the cave, and when it fell it was crushed by the Rolling rock. Alas! The mysterious Minotaur is dead. The criminal ran out of the cave and they all set for the nearest village. They arrived at a village called “Ares” they were well taken care. of and fed. On the third day, princess Ariadne and Ager decided to return to their kingdom.the criminal said he would like to remain in Ares and live a new life, he promised never to make such an act again and he said he would reward them for their great act, and that he is forever a slave to them. They felt pity for him and hugged him before setting back for their kingdom. While at Atlantis the news has being spread that the princess and the prince cannot be found. This made the king was uneasy and the queen was terrified. Finally Ager and Ariadne arrived at the kingdom, immediately the king and queen became impatient, they summoned them to the palace “where have you two been “the king asked, Ariadne replied we went to play in the woods and while returning we lost our way, the king gazed at them for a while then he warned them to be careful of the woods, he ended his warning with “the wood is dangerous “.the queen gave them a welcome hug and they dismissed. While playing in the garden of roses the next morning ,princess Ariadne held Ager’s hand and looked into his golden eyeballs and said “you have to teach me that spell you used to roll that rock” she said with a grin. Ager replied, “you have to also teach me how to tell littles lies to escape being grounded”, he said jokingly .They both laughed. Suddenly they heard the jingling of the big bell, what is it this time…. Let’s find out.

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