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  • "Princess of Atlantis -chapter one"Ojo kolawole

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    The princess of Atlantis Taking a stroll round the kingdom …. It was the funeral of princess Ariadne ,everyone at the event eyes were soaked with tears, she has lived for nighty-four years and they wished she could live more. The king, king Agar was so heart broken has memories of their past adventures flows trough his bitter heart. Wait… what adventures, well lets find out?. Once upon an age, dwelt a gaily sight with undisguised buety,supported by the purest of all golds and the prettiest of all wealth. The Kingdom was extremely beauteous and charming and if you could see it, you’ll never wish to see a place better than Atlantis . The mountains of the kingdom were green, tall and luring with peaceful tributaries that flowed into peaceful rivers to make nice waterfalls. It’s forests looked unarming and it’s boulders were shiny. The coast of Atlantis was stunning and the was and the seashore was filled with breeze of joy admirable ditches. The waves, the crest and the foam the ocean made were magnificent . The flowers around the kingdom could take your breath away, and the peacocks around the trees looked like angels of glory. The palace of Atlantis stood taller than each building in the kingdom, and everyone in the kingdom could always see the statue of a huge eagle made of pure gold on the roof, which shone brightly, even at night. The palace gates had oodles of onyx, its colonnade, its cloister and its vaulted ceiling was made of sparkling crystals and diamond . The treasury of Atlantis contained so many valuable treasures including a Golden Armor scalped, carved and shaped by a band of sculptors and sculptresses. The Golden Armor could create thousands of soldiers and then turn them onto pieces of Gold. The treasury had golden rings, pearls, mirrors ,and belts. The Armory of Atlantis was filled with weapons, not only weapons ‘magical weapons “and chariots. You can never find the greatest sculptor and sculptresses like the ones in Atlantis . The people of Atlantis could never die, except they wished to, or killed. They drank a secret magical liquor called Idop. They drank from the golden bowls of water held by Elves dressed in pure white gown and golden robes, they are stationed at the gates of the palace. They were like white angels with flowing white hair and white skins and lips. They had pointed ears and eyelids sparkled with diamonds and they always stood still without moving and without a twinge of fatigue. Sometimes they sing melodious songs ,people do gather sometimes to dance to the melody sang by the elves. Everything in Atlantis seemed magical. Every toy, Every fruit bowl, Every candles, Every Hearth, Every Planter, Every clock, Every Jewelry ,Every Lamb and every other thing was made of sparkling crystal or Gold, Of such is the throne of Atlantis . Guards were always seen in every corner of the kingdom, holding a sword. Trey looked like statues that never moved. They also held shields and their heads were with helmets so hard like stone. Their large brown boots, gloves and gown made their dressing complete. Every home in Atlantis had a governess that trains the little kids, and their fruits were very fresh and attractive .Their foods were nutritious and their water was pure. The flower had beautiful red roses that smelled so nice .The garden of Atlantis is at the backyard of the palace. it’s was so prepossessing. It had a vegetable plot up to forty eight plots, it had flower beds, as well as an Arena for fish ponds, and water features with nice parasol and deckchairs on a wooden deck. It also had a compost bin. There were beautiful maidens with beautiful white gown and white flowers in their golden brown long hair, and red lips that could shame the red rose, ocean -blue and black eyebrow ,They were always seen with watering cans every morning to water the fresh flowers in the garden. The living room in the palace, was always filled with calmness as well as a sweet smell of rose flowers. The occasional tables, the footstools ,the Armchairs, the recliners, the throw pillows, the coaster, the rugs, the sculptures of the dead brave kings of which has fought bravely against them. Wait what “them”?, we will know soon. The palace has golden flower vases with primroses in each of hem and every other non-living decorative inhabitant of the living room were all contained there, right there in the large living room. The library of Atlantis in the palace was too large that it could contain sixty thousand and giants . The bookshelves were so high that the roofs also had to be too high. The library had three hundred librarians and over eighty thousand books in twenty bookshelves, Dinning room in the palace was two spacious. It had a very long table which had a length of hundred thousand meters and a width of two hundred meters. The tables was surrounded by thirty golden chairs. The table was made of transparent glass with the sculpture of a tigers as the table stand. The palace kitchen was quite so big, in the middle of the kitchen there was a sculpture of a golden chef holding a golden pot, and the chef was sitting on a golden stool. There was a fireplace in the kitchen, the kitchen cookers and maids could go out to the garden and get pure water from the palace pond, groceries ,and other items. The palace had no bathrooms, there were only pools and waterfalls where the king and the Queen could bathe, surrounded by loyal servants. Unlike any other kingdom, the kingdom of Atlantis never bad smell, it was a peaceful, magical, and bland place. Most times, every defined separate unit of people in a particular place always have a ruler, whether consciously or subconsciously. If some of these unit don’t have, The kingdom of Atlantis has a ruler, a king, not just any ruler or king but a faithful and powerful one. King Moldusolem was the king of Atlantis and he was greatly respected by his people and other kings and emperors of other kingdoms. He wore a crown patiently carved out of silver and diamond Sprinkled with pieces of gold. On the crown, there was a little hole which contained a small precious gem found down the meridian ocean, the king looked more like a god than man wearing a robe of different colors with a golden belt round his waist. His hair has was as black as ebony and his eyes shone so brightly with pride. He looked like a god that never talk freely with anyone, even his wife. His sandals were made of bronze and anytime he talks he sounded like the angry waves of the sea. He always held a long staff made of brass, and he hardly smiled at anyone. Queen Pseudomia, the queen of Atlantis was an epitome of pulchritude her crown was made of gold and it matched her thick hair which was as white as wool. Her hair was unimaginably long, it could reach out to eighty-seven kingdoms and hide them underneath it.she was very fair that she could cause the Lily to wither in envy. Her lips were so red that they could cause hemoglobin to bow in defeat. Her neck was decorated with the chains of gold which could cost a paradise. She was like a basket of myrrh, her eyes were like that of doves, and her gentleness was greater than that of a dove. The smell of her ointment smelt nicer than spices. Her cheeks were sweet flowers and her left fingers had five gold rings. Her feet were like a bed of roses and her robe were made out of the prettiest silk in the kingdom. King Moldusolem and queen Pseudomia had a very lovely daughter. Even at her infancy, her beauty could not be hidden. She was fairer than the fairest of all in the kingdom. Her Golden brown hair were long and straight. She was like a chrysanthemum in the midst of everyone that assembled at the palace Hall to honor her birth. She was superfluously beautiful, and she was named Ariadne. Princess Ariadne was wrapped gently in a soft clothe and queen Pseudomia held her passionately as everyone sang a song for the princess Ariadne. But then, the little princess couldn’t cry. Everyone right there were mumbling things to each other, the king became so impatient that he adjourned the ceremony. All the famous Withes and Wizards were called to make the princess talk, but non was able to do so, this saddened the heart of the king and queen for years. The first clown blew his trumpet and there were loud hails from the other clowns. The second clown was a fire-eater, and then he displayed his tricks, but neither the kings nor the queen laughed. The clowns performed comic dances and the guards, the servants and the maids laughed, but still the king and the queen didn’t . “disperse clowns”. The king finally said with his thunderous voice, after a long moment of boredom. They bowed and left sadly. It was the thirteenth year after the birth of Princess Ariadne, but still she couldn’t even say a word. All the efforts of her private teachers were abortive, and then, Sandra her maid was sick of everything, she was sick of trying to please and fulfill the hidden desires of the princess. Every knight of Atlantis wondered if the princess would ever speak. But then ,not magic or medical aides could heal the princess. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The secret……. Chapter two The goddess of Atlantis ‘goddess Bermudra’ was invited to the palace to aid the royal family. Bermuda arrived at the palace with a scary roar, and everyone in the palace froze with fear, except king Moldusolem. Even princess Ariadne held her mum tightly on the throne and her mum did also. Bermuda was a green woman her hair was green, her skin was green, her lips were green and she wore only a short tattered green gown with two huge cruel pincers, she could laugh in a scary way and she could sense evil quickly. She stood before the throne and screamed, her voice sounded like that of a thousand of dead spirits. “what do you want from me,Moldusolem”.She asked rudely and laughed scarily. She dwelt in a cave near the coast of Atlantis. “My child haven’t said a word since she was born, and she’s getting older. This have never happened in the history of Atlantis “.King Moldusolem thundered proudly and sadly. “Then, accept it, she’s dumb”. She Joked. But this joke was like a sting from her cruel pincers. It hurt the queen who stared at princess Ariadne sadly. “Your words are offensive, they are like fearless rudeness”. The king shouted angrily and she burst into another disgusting laughter and knelt mockingly on the palace floor. “your majesty”. She said and laughed again. After she laughed a good deal, she stood up like a zozzled fool. Well,Well,Well,only when your daughter finds her life long honest friends”. She said and turned to go. “wait, I don’t understand. This life-long friend. When would we find him? Where is she or… “queen Pseudomia was cut short. “I hate too much questions. This life-long friend is a boy who has special abilities, who knows too much, who can heal your child, and he lives in this kingdom. Bermudra said. A moment of mixed places in the kingdom rolled into the mind of the king and queen. Immediately, the king sent his armies to search all around the kingdom for this special boy, so the king. The king said “call him forth, I won’t harm him?” king Moldusolem commanded. “He don’t trust you ”Bermudra said and chuckled witch-likely. “But call him forth”. King Moldusolem commanded. The king noticing that it will be very difficult for the knights to know the chosen one, he told Bermudra to use are supernatural powers to call him the boy to the castle. “Dear king, his powers are greater than mine, it can control the mind of anyone he wishes, when he thinks it’s the right time to do so”. “Then, I this little wizard” king Moldusolem barked. Bermudra laughed again and held her chest. “why don’t you call him little white wizard, he’s kind.” “Bermudra, am not begging you, I’m your king, I’m Commanding you. Where is this little wizard”. King Moldusolem said. “There you go again. Well, Even if I want to talk, the little boy holds me down. His powers are invisible”. “we don’t trust you”. King Moldusolem said, “Trust me. He holds down my voice of….. Aaaah”. Bermudra roared and everyone froze again. “Bermudra”.queen Pseudomia cried with her gentle sweet voice. “yes, Angel of Beauty”.Bermudra said. Do you hate me so much that you don’t want to tell me the truth that will heal my child. If you hate me so much. Take a look at my daughter “.Queen Pseudomia sobbed and touched the ignorant princess cheeks. “Do you hate her so much that you want her to spend her life in silence?”. The queen screamed. “My queen, trust me. The boy holds my voice. I cant reveal anything about him”.Bermudra sadly said. “He’s scared to reveal himself” Bermudra turned to go and then the king gnashed his teeth in rage, “Guards, get her. “The guards froze initially, knowing who she is. “Are you all deaf? “The king bellowed and stood up from his throne. Bermudra laughed. “you all know who I am, you all know am the goddess of Atlantis”. “when I torture you. You’ll know you’re nothing “.The king thrusted forth his staff towards her in all his rage. Everyone that was not in the throne, flew in Different directions. Even Bermudra. “Do you think you can defeat your leader”. Said the king. Words of rage flowed from the kings mouth as Bermudra weakly struggled to help herself. She screamed with all her might and the king roared loudly and commanded the guards to lock her up. The palace was so quiet and the moon is out, everyone in Atlanta should be asleep by now, except for the guards that were to protect the kingdom and also the palace. Suddenly, a young boy sneaked into the palace, non of the guards was aware of the boys movement. He played tricks on some of the guards to make them create a pathway for him to continue his mission. Then the little boy walked into the prison to release Bermudra. The noise shouldn’t rule us. Should it? ”she said and walked up to Bermudra. He whispered into Bermudra ear, and she disappeared to her cave. The little boy smiled sadly and looked at the princess. “such an innocent heart. But I’m so scared. So scared, I cant trust anyone, even you, innocence can be just for a moment, pride runs through royal veins”. The little away walked away through the marble pillars around the palace room. And then, everyone awoke and they were all tired, dizzy and confused. King Moldusolem sat on his throne, while the maids let the queen Pseudomia and princess Ariadne to the living room. “where is Bermudra” The king asked his guards and servants in confusion. “we don’t know its just like she cast a spell a spell on us” The first guard said. King Moldusolem sighed in sorrow. “But, we can’t enter Bermuda cave. She will destroy us.” Queen Pseudomia was trying so hard to make princess Ariadne sing. But princess Ariadne didn’t sing . She looked so sad. Queen Pseudomia looked at her and asked. “don’t you want your mum to hear you talk. Please, say something “.Princess Ariadne only stared stupidly, so queen Pseudomia told her “I wish you were never my child”. These words needles. Queen Pseudomia slapped princess Ariadne and called her a dumb. And she walked out of the living room. Princess Ariadne stared after her and sat on the armchair in a very slow motion. And then, a tear fell of her eye. The king decided to call every male child in the palace to assemble before his throne. After the announcement, the boys finally gathered before his throne as queen Pseudomia entered the palace room and sat beside the king on her own throne. “where’s my little princess? “the king asked. “Tell the maids to bring her here”. She said quietly. King Moldusolem stared at her surprisingly, “But she never allows, I mean, she never leaves her daughter’s side”. He thought. “Maiden Sandra, where’s the princess”. The king asked princess flower’s maid “she’s in the living room”. The maid answered and went into the living room to call her out. Few minutes later, the maid was with the princess in front of the king’s throne. Princess Ariadne looked at everyone sadly and ascended to the throne slowly she sat on the little stool beside her mother. Queen Pseudomia glanced at her with guilt. “I heard from a reliable source, that one of you boys have the power to heal my daughter “.king Moldusolem finally asked and looked at each boy as if they were the ones that have the power. The boys were too shy to say anything. They never believed that the king could talk to them. “I need words of aid, Not silence!”. The king shouted loud and they panicked “we have no powers”. They chorused. “I won’t harm you if you have the power. It is for my own incentive”. King Moldusolem proudly said. Silence was still all over the place. Suddenly, a little boy about the age of the princess raised his right hand and he was permitted to speak. “My name is Agar son of the maid, ‘Ursula' and the servant ‘Naur’ that betrayed Atlantis seven years ago. Do not harm me because my Father was a bad man. I possess the power to cure your princess. But, I won’t tell anyone the source of my power, his hair was dark and curly, like African Afro ,he has a cute face especially his pointed nose and his dark shiny eyes. He was putting on a red jacket, white shirt and skinny trousers. “please, heal my daughter. “Queen Pseudomia pleaded. “Except you allow me also be among your royal blood, that is a prince”. He said, and frowned to show how serious he meant. The king gazed at him and then his wife the queen, and they both nodded in agreement. “we will let you be our prince of Atlantis”. They both said in agreement. Agar went directly to the princess knelt before her. He looked at princess Ariadne, and the princess looked at him with amazement. He whispered something into her ears that sounded like “Abtra-der-ser-tribra la princess Ariadne “the princess thought he was a clown and started to laugh, then she shouted “are you trying to crack a joke here or what?”. Everyone in the palace shouted for joy. The king didn’t know when he stood up and was about dancing for joy. A dance that look more like an African dance called “Galala”.News went round the kingdom that the princess has regained her voice. For agar, he became the prince of Atlantis and his father was made a royal knight. A big feast was made for the princess, and a day in a year to celebrate the day the princess regained her voice. Is this going to be the end of Princess Ariadne and Agar's life?, lets see that in the next chapter.

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