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  • "The princess of Atlantis" ...Chapter 2

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    Kolawole Stephen
    29-06-2016 09:15:00 +0000

    Where is the princess? Chapter two Lixivia pulled Agar showing him a skull on the leaves, probably there for almost a decade. She whispered ”what sought of beast lives in here”, Agar replied variable An Anaconda or a giant spider or crocodiles. They decided to continue the search to know what sought of beast lives in there. Princess Lixivia knew what could have occurred currently at the kingdom. She sensed the sound of the big bell and the voiced of the army commander telling the soldiers to check every home in the kingdom for the princess. She was wondering how bad her mother would have felt as well as her father, not to talk about her lovely governess Mrs. lobster, she is known has a nose picker anytime, anywhere. Most people do say her name fits her attitude. Suddenly she heard the voice of Agar showing her skeletons of knights totally burnt. By what?, this question made them more terrified, still they decided to move further. Back in the kingdom the king has sent one thousand knights to search for his princess in the woods, knowing fully well that she should be out of the kingdom by now. While in the woods lixivia and agar has just crossed the bridge of Pollu, the bridge that has long been abandoned and no knight has ever returned to explain the experience of the other side of the bridge. It was the home of the mighty dragon lord! they move further agar hit his leg on the head of a dead knight which made him scream, lixivia ran to assist him and pull him up. They continued until they heard the sound of arriving chariots and decided to hide under a shallow tree, they were six in number one of them was asking asked the one dressed in a blue robe, he was looking so fierce like someone who lost all his family in a terrible war. He shouted “where are they?, I had the voice of a boy, they must be around here”. This made agar so terrified that there was a shaking and there was a dot of pee on his trousers. After a long search the warriors returned, Agar said to lixivia “I don’t think I can do this anymore, am hungry, and dying of cold out here, I don’t want to die in the hands of strange beast like this ones “. Lixivia admonished him not to give up, that they will soon return to their kingdom after knowing what sought of beast lives east of the kingdom. Agar gathered courage, remembering also that the life of the princess is in his hands, they continued the journey. The knight has stationed themselves to bring back the princess either they live or die. They crossed over the bridge of pollu.A knight saw the footprint of Agar at the point where he was stucked after hitting the head of the dead knight, he called the attention of the commander. Commander Zorro after seeing this told them “there is no turning back from here, knowing certainly that they are in this wood and we have to bring them back or alive “the knights replied in agreement “yes sire”, clanking their swords in agreement to what he has said. Lixivia and agar where able to sneak into the hole. Uhm… assuming someone was right there to warn them it would have been better, but no one was there to do so. The hole was inform of a cave, it looked so narrow and dark, to make things worse it was so silent with noises of moving object, a rat hopped out of it’s hole and passed trough Agars brown booths, he wanted to scream but lixivia held his mouth so tight, telling him of the event that happened earlier. They kept moving until they busted out into a center of many holes, and lights came up suddenly, huge men grabbed them, they smelled so bad like someone who feed on rotten food, they were so tall that lixivia and agar can be crushed by them stepping on them. Suddenly one of the men said “is this not princess lixivia, the only daughter of king Orleans. Wow…this will make a great bounty “This terrified Agar and lixivia knowing what they have put themselves and the kingdom into. They were kept in a cave which was initially made for storing dead knights, they were served boiled bodies of dead knights. Two of the men where communicating to each other and the fat one, with a protruded belly like a pregnant woman said “they are here, knights from Atlantis, they are here for the princess and that useless friend of hers”. While the other one who has a very thing body replied, we have to take them to the dragon lords before it is too late. Agar after hearing “ Dragon lord”, became so terrified and tears rolled down his cheeks. He has the assumption in his heart that he is going to be eaten up by a dragon. Suddenly two hefty men grabbed them and covered their faces with a sack an were taken to an unknown destination. In less than five hours they arrived at the palace of the dragon lord. A king who is known to be fierce and wicked he has killed two of his men after hearing that they initially didn’t find the princess. His castle was not like that of Atlantis, it was just like a temple with a throne. But right at the back of the throne is a door, no one knows what is in there but the continuous noise made by the Beast creates an impression of a DRAGON on their mind. But let’s see how true that is, because I don’t think it is. Hogan, the dragon lord has been patiently waiting for a time when a royal blood will come his way so that he would do the same thing Orleans did to his kingdom and its people to such one. King Orleans burnt everyone in the kingdom during a war with the Garzite,he burnt all the queens, princes and princesses as well. This is what Horgan has in mind for the princess. He escaped the war with Atlantis with some of his men and now he is back to his kingdom, building up another army against Atlantis. When he set his eyes on the Princess, he was so enraged the he gave her a very hard slap and said “look at what your father did to me and my kingdom, showing her the horrible environment he called his kingdom, Agar was tied to a stake with snakes below, at this point in time he has excreted on allover his trouser, crying like someone who lost his mother five minutes ago. King Horgan now said “now it’s time to do exactly what your foolish father did to me”. Suddenly he shouted, “release the great dragon!!! ….”, Lixivia became so scared she wished she has never left the palace she remembered the kingdom, all in a flash. Alas, a beast was being released, it was coming out of its den majestically, the heat from its nostrils suffocated some of the guardsmen. King Hogan then shouted, “burn her into ashes!!”. Lixivia wished she could have a chance to tell her parents and everyone in the kingdom how sorry she is as well has her best friend Agar. Agar couldn’t hold back his tears, he wept bitterly knowing what is coming, As Lixivia saw the approaching dragon she wept also, knowing this is the end of her life. As the dragon was about to hurl it’s fire on her, the knights from Atlantis bashed in, they fought bravely with Hogan and his men ,and this time they slay the great dragon and killed wicked king Hogan and his men. The knights returned the princess back to the kingdom with her friend Agar. They were punished and warned not to go out of the kingdom. After two weeks of been grounded while Agar and Lixivia were playing by the garden, agar said “I heard my father discussing about a strange place in the north, do u think we should go for one more adventure? ”Lixivia looked into the sky and said “this is going to be the last and then no more”. They both smiled to each other in a way that showed their upper teeth and they walked away.

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