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  • "The princess of Atlantis " chapter one

    Use of English

    Kolawole Stephen
    28-06-2016 23:18:00 +0000

    The Atlantis princess. Chapter one Taking a stroll It occurred a long time in the kingdom of Atlantis. A place filled with joy and harmony, not to talk about the sweet sentiment of nature. The water spring of immortality , every human was allowed to take from it only on the day of the biannual carnival called Gortia. On this day everyone takes this water and drinks to stupor, this may likely be because it occurs once a year. The houses of the citizens of the kingdom were carved out of precious stones and they have a large field were the Foods of the Kingdom is gotten from. The kingdom of Atlantis was also known to have the best knights for battle. They have specialized individuals who creates their ammunitions .No kingdom has been ever advanced in technology like something missing out? the castle. The castle was carefully constructed, it has ten gates affront it, all station with able-bodied soldiers, ready to protect the security of the castle. Right inside the castle is the kingdom treasuries of which only the king has an access to. If any one is caught near the door, its assumed the person came to steal. The castle also has golden carvings of statues of the old dead kings, of whom they have fought bravely to defend the kingdom. The outer walls of the castle was painted with a Golden coating, it glows when the sun shines beautifully at it early in the morning. The inner rooms as well as the palace was coated in purple. The most amazing thing about the castle is the garden. Most citizens are usually carried away by its awe on the arrangement of flowers, sometimes when the king and queens of nearby kingdom comes for a visit, they do gaze around with amazement. the king allowed the children of brave knights either those that died in battle or are still currently in his battalion to play around in the garden of the castle and even sometimes creates a feast for them .This sometimes made some citizens wish their husband was a knight. Surprisingly , there was a day when a woman almost beat her fat husband into a thin broomstick just because he was rejected of being a knight. Some children who are not sons or daughters of a knight do try as must has possible to peep trough the gates and watch The others playing, some even go back home with there eyes blood red, filled with tears, asking their parents why they didn’t join the knighthood. OH, not forgetting the king’s Orleans only daughter Lixivia,A girl with a mysterious beauty, some people do say she must have being sent to reward the king of his good deeds by the God of heaven. So many kings has tried to make a plea to the king to make her marry their sons in the future, some even sent gifts that are expensive in nature like a portrait made by Leonardo da Vinci, golden scepter from the treasury of Egypt, a silver bracelet from France, a golden stature carved in Edo, Nigeria, but king Orleans took is stand in that is daughter Lixivia will marry only who she wishes and who she chooses. This has turned the back of so many kings against him and several wars were fought but victory has always been the other name for Atlantis. The princess sometimes sneaks out of the castle with a son of a famous knight called Agar. They do go into the Woods so has to see things that are never seen in Atlantis. The king warned them on several occasions not to do so, and said he is going to punish them severely anytime they do such again. But this day, they decide to disobey they both sneak again holding with them short knives and short horns so has to call the attention of the kingdom if they tend to be in danger, they bypassed the gates camouflaging in a unique way that never caught the attention of a guard.Alas,the ran into the woods with joy, expecting to see something more tremendous and beautiful than what is in Atlantis. But is it so? . Lets see what happened has you opened to the next chapter.

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