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  • Common Questions Ask in Post UTME Physics Exams Day8


    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    27-06-2016 13:36:00 +0000

    Try your best to solve these questions. Show working on paper when necessary and include a picture of your hand written Solution in your response. Wish you the best!

    1. Two positive point charge of 12 micro Coulomb and 8 micro Coulomb respectively are 10cm apart. The work done in bringing them 4cm closer is
    (K = 9 × 109Nm2C-2)
    A. 600J
    B. 300J
    C. 6.8J
    D. 518J

    2. An electric heater is used to melt a block of ice, mass 1.5kg. If the heater is powered by a 12V battery, and a current of 20A flows through the coil, calculate the time take to melt the block of ice at 0oC. (specific latent heat of fusion of ice = 336 × 103J/kg)
    A. 76.0min
    B. 35.0min
    C. 21.0min
    D. 2.9min

    3. A body is projected from the earth surface with the hope of letting it escape from the earths gravitational field. What is the minimum escape velocity?[Earths radius = 6.4×103km; g = 10ms-2]

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  • Oluwamuyiwa O.T

    1.A 2.B 3.escape velocity = 11.3km/s

    1 29-06-2016 16:49:00 +0000

  • Adekunle Festus

    pls to help develop many souls update the solutions pls

    1 07-07-2016 22:18:00 +0000

  • ajani timothy

    40,730 km/hr

    1 02-09-2016 11:14:00 +0000

  • ogunbajo oyindamola

    d ans of no 2

    1 13-09-2016 17:20:00 +0000

  • Victor Ugochukwu

    Pretty simple, don't you think?

    1 23-12-2016 11:08:00 +0000