• Common Questions Asked in Post UTME Physics Exams Day2


    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    31-05-2016 11:54:00 +0000

    Try your best to solve these questions. Show working on paper and include a picture of your hand written Solution in your response. Happy Solving!

    1. A body of mass 20kg, moving with uniform acceleration has an initial momentum of 200kgm/s after 10s, the momentum is 300kgm/s. What is the acceleration of the body?
    A. 0.5ms-2
    B. 1.0ms-2
    C. 2.5ms-2
    D. 2.0ms-2
    (Unilag Post UTME)

    Updated Solution
    recall that F = m(v - u)/t
    F = ma
    thus mat = m(v - u) = mv - mu
    where mv = final momentum and mu = initial momentum
    therefor mat = 300 - 200 = 100
    by subject formular a = 100/mt = 100/20 * 1/10 = 0.5ms-2
    Answer is Option A

    2. Two bodies P and Q are projected on the same horizontal plane, with the same initial speed but a different angles of 30o and 60o respectively to the horizontal, neglecting air resistance, what is the ratio of the range of P to that of Q?
    A. 1:1
    B. 1:√3
    C. √3:1
    D. 1:2
    (O.A.U Post UTME)


    Updated Solution
    RP = u2sin2θ1/g
    RQ = u2sin2θ2/g
    so RP/RQ = u2sin2θ1/g ÷ u2sin2θ2/g
    thus RP/RQ = sin2θ1/sin2θ2
    but θ2 = 60 and θ1 = 30
    so that RP/RQ =sin60/sin120 = 1/1 = 1:1
    Answer is Option A

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