• Difficult Questions in Physics from Post UTME


    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    20-05-2016 16:11:00 +0000

    Hello friends! Below are 3 Physics questions that between 60-80% of students got wrong. Some of these questions are among the most challenging ones we've seen in any school. Try it and see if you can get it right

    1. Three 4Ω resistors were connected in series by Tola while Ade connected the same set of resistors in parallel. The ratio of the value obtained by Ade to that obtained by Tola is
    A. 1:2
    B. 1:9
    C. 1:10
    D. 1:5
    ( O.A.U. 2006)

    2. From the generating station to each substation, power is transmitted at a very high voltage so as to reduce
    A. Eddy current loss
    B. Hysteresis loss
    C. Heating in the cables
    D. Have no effect on each other
    (UNN 2005/2006)

    3. In a nucler fusion experiment, the loss of mass amount to 1.0×10-5kg the amount of energy obtaineed from the fusion is?(speed of light = 3×*108m/s)
    . A. 3*10-4J
    B. 3*1011J
    C. 9*10-4J
    D. 9*1011J
    (UNN 2006/2008)

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