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    Below are 4 English questions that between 60-80% of students got wrong.
    Some of these questions are among the most challenging ones we've seen in any school.

    Updated to include answers in bold
    4) Choose from the option given in A - D, the word that is opposite in meaning to the quoted word in the sentence.
    The Western allies frowned at their enemies' 'indiscriminate' bombing of their territory.
    a) impartial
    b) divided
    c) selective
    d) unprovoked

    8) Choose among the options A-D the word that is nearest in meaning to the quoted word in the sentence.
    One of the surest ways to ensure good health is to have a 'wholesome' and adequate diet.
    a) palatable
    b) mixed
    c) hygienic
    d) health-living

    11) By the end of the next semester, he ........ his University education.
    a) would have completed
    b) will be completing
    c) shall have completed
    d) must complete

    13) The Emir and conqueror of the enemy territories........ next week.
    a) arrives
    b) are to arrive
    c) arrive
    d) are arriving

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