• [IMSU Post UTME] Hard IMSU Post UTME English questions

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    02-04-2016 06:23:00 +0000

    For those of you planning on taking post UTME at IMSU, We've compiled some of the challenging English questions from the 2011 post UTME exam.

    These questions were missed by over 65% of test takers.

    Do you know the answer to these questions?

    1) The guest ____ breakfast by the time the bus arrives
    a) shall have finished
    b) have finished
    c) had finished
    d) are finishing

    3) When he was knocked on the head, he fall ____to the ground
    a) fainted
    b) unconscious
    c) collapsed
    d) noisily

    10) Choose the word that is nearly composite in meaning to the quoted word.
    Though many of us were "poor" quite a few were.
    a) arrogant
    b) Prodigal
    c) affluent
    d) luxurious

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