• Jamb 2016 is rubbish

    Use of English

    Tommy Clothings
    10-03-2016 14:36:00 +0000

    Don't let me hear student didnot prepare that why they failed seriously am just laughing right now this year jamb is total rubbish I never believe all what you post here about the exam so I didnot even comment on anything not until I wrote mine on the 9th they didnot send me my score so I checked online now to see what I score omo see trouble I just don't believe it cause in English 70 account 38 economics 36 and maths that I don't like or treat the past questions 40 this is rubbish Jamb must find solution to this #Thanking Allah cause I still score 180 but pls don't comment that student didnot prepare that's why I read like mad especially Economics and very good in Account and English

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