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  • electrolyte


    olusola omosola
    09-03-2016 17:08:00 +0000

    which element is d best electrolyte

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  • Cyprian Igbokwe


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  • Benjaminh Iyoyo

    tetraoxosulphate (vi)acid

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  • Admin Admin

    electrolytes are of three types, we have the strong, weak and non in other words we have electrolytes, semi-electrolytes and the insulators. So those substance when in molten form allow current to pass through it and in the process ionizes completely are called strong electrolyte e.g is our common salt, HCl NaCl, H2SO4, HCl NaOH etc. So mostly electrolytes are compound not element. For semi- electrolytes there those compound that conduct partially when in molten or solution e.g the ethanoic acids, the insulators are those one that do not conduct at all e.g ethanol, sugar, trichloroethene etc.

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  • Ojo Israel

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  • Chima Sunday (Tutor)

    Solutes that exist as ions when in solution form is called electrolytes. All ionic compounds form electrolyte, but not all electrolytes are ionic compound. E.g is HCl a non ionic compound but it forms electrolyte in solution. Those compounds that do not form ions when they dissolve in water are called non-electrolyte e.g includes but not limited to organic compounds. Some electrolytes ionizes almost completely when in solution and they are call strong electrolytes e.g NaCl, HCl and other ionic compounds.

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  • Chima Sunday (Tutor)


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  • Aliyu Abdulkadir


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