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  • Negative Markings, IRT and the consequences of Guessing

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    01-03-2016 12:05:00 +0000

    We have observed a lot of discussion over the last few days from concerned Jambites that because of claims by JAMB they are using Item Response Test (IRT) software. Furthermore, there are other rumors floating around that JAMB uses 'negative markings' - that is, they will deduct points whenever you get a question wrong. The people spreading these rumor conclude that you should leave answers blank if you are not sure of the answer.

    What is Item Response Test
    IRT is a system of test scoring that allows a test maker such as JAMB to include other factors in addition to the total points a person gets when giving them a final score. Some examples of what can be done with an IRT approach include:
    - Each question could be giving different value depending on it's difficulty
    - The average amount of time spent on a question could be used to differentiate between two test takers
    - The answers could be ranked based on how close they are to being right. So if a student chooses the 2nd best answer it may be scored higher than a student that chooses the worst answer.
    - IRT could potentially be used to detect unusual patterns in a students' answers that might indicate they are cheating.

    There are MANY other types of things a test maker can do with IRT but the important thing to note is that JAMB has not specified which of any of these approaches they may be using.

    Our Advise To Jambites
    Leaving answers blank on the exam is a big mistake! As we have said numerous times, JAMB does not deduct points for wrong answers. JAMB has hinted that they are using IRT to try to catch people who are cheating (using answers they obtained through expo). They claim their software is smart enough to flag your account if they believe you are using a sequence of answers that came from a previous test taker. (See this vanguard article -

    This is one of the reasons we have been discouraging people from posting such material on the Jambite app. We believe going into the exam with a memorized sequence of answers is a very bad idea and you might get flagged as a cheater. The only thing worse than leaving answers blank is attempting to cheat by memorizing a sequence of answers.

    For specific advice on the strategy to use when taking the test, please see our post on the 21st of Feb titled "How to maximize your score on the upcoming exam". We feel this the strategy Jambites should follow irrespective of what type of software JAMB is using.

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