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  • How to maximize your score on the upcoming JAMB and WAEC exams

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    21-02-2016 20:47:00 +0000

    The exam is fast approaching and we see many thousands of jambites taking test on the Jambite app every day. As we have said many times in the past, studying and practicing with past questions is the best way to improve you scores.

    But today we'll discuss how to MAXIMIZE your score on the exam.

    There are 4 types of questions you will face on the exams
    1) Questions for which you are confident you know the answer
    2) Questions for which you have a rough idea about but are not certain about the answer
    3) Questions for which you know nothing about
    4) Questions you don't have enough time to answer

    If you have studied very well, almost all of the questions will fall into category #1. If you have not, then more of your questions will fall into the other categories. Regardless of your situation, the techniques we're going to cover will help maximize your score on the upcoming exam.

    How to deal with questions you are confident about (category #1)
    1) Work on the items you know first. But pay attention to the clock. Do not spend too much time on any one question. If you get stuck, mark it on your scrap paper and return to it later if there is time.
    Most people get 65-80% of these questions right (this is why it pays to study)

    How to deal with questions you have a rough idea about but are not certain about the answer (category #2)
    2a) Use the process of elimination to make an educated guess.
    If you have a rough idea of question, you will find that you can often eliminate 1 or more of the wrong answers. This can increase your chance of getting the question right from 1 out of 4 to 1/3 or 1/2 (from 25% to as much as 50%)

    Ex1 - What is the opposite of Honorificabilitudinitatibus
    a) trustworthy
    b) believable
    c) corrupt
    d) unfamiliar

    Even without knowing the meaning of Honorificabilitudinitatibus, by using an educated guess, we can increase our chances of getting the right answer by eliminating those that are obviously wrong!

    Experience tells me 'honor' is part of the word and that it honor is a good thing. So I know the opposite of honor must refer to a negative concept. So very quickly I know that the answer must be either c or d. Now I have a 50% chance of getting this one right.

    2b) There can only be 1 correct answer.
    Whenever you see two answers that are identical you know they are both wrong. The test makers are required to provide only one correct answer per question.
    Some of you may have noticed that from Ex1, 'trustworthy' and 'believable' mean the same thing. So for that reason if you both of them must be wrong.

    How to deal with questions you know nothing about (category #3)
    3) "wild guess"
    If you know nothing about a question, DO NOT leave it blank. Just pick something. The odds are that you will get 1 out of 4 such questions right.

    There are some theories on how to increase your wild guessing strategies beyond 25% average but we don't believe they work. The key takeaway is that you should not leave any answers blank.

    What to do if you're running out of time (category #4)
    4) "wild guess"
    Use the same strategy from #3.

    Lets look at a realistic scenario
    Imagine Ngozi studied very hard for her JAMB. In her 1st exam she took math. Out of 50 questions she was confident about 40 of them. There were 2 questions she wasn't confident about and 8 she didn't know at all. After completing the 40 questions she felt she was doing well on the exam so she decided to spend the remaining 10 minutes time on the 2 questions she wasn't confident on. She got one of those two questions correct.

    Here is what Ngozi scored on the Math exam:
    40 Questions x 75% correct = 30 correct
    1 Question she was unsure about = 1 correct (spent 10 minutes)
    8 skipped = 0 correct.
    So her total score is 31 x 2 = 62 points.

    Now imagine that Jimoh is just as smart and hard-working as Ngozi but he used the approaches from above.
    His score would be something like this:
    40 Questions x 75% correct = 30 correct
    2 educated guesses = 1 correct (spent 2 minutes)
    8 wild guesses x 25% = 2 correct.

    So Jimoh's total score is 33 x 2 = 66 points.
    If you multiply this by the 4 tests they take that day then Ngozi would have 248 and Jimoh would have 264.

    Two equally smart and intelligent people 16 points apart!

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