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    Global Update

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    25-01-2016 11:22:00 +0000

    Did you know that you can get access to solutions and explanations for questions without having to pay for it? Well! here are the three(3) different ways you can be eligible to get access to free solutions and explanations.

    1) Rate the Jambite app in the play store. By rating us in the play store, you will immediately be granted one free days access to explanations & solutions.

    2) Invite friends to use the app. The Jambite app has convenient features that allow you easily share the app with your friends. Simply select the 'invite friends' link from the menu. FOR EACH of your friends that accepts your invitation, you will be granted a days access to the explanations and solutions.

    3) After you complete a test, you may post a question in the discussion area. Either one of your peers or a member of the Jambite team will try to assist you.

    4) And finally you can also subscribe either by paying at bank using transfer/deposit or recharge cards (MTN or ETISALAT).

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    lol... does that look like free access?

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    it ain mahn ain

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  • Babsman Emmanuel

    I c... after downloading with my data... i will still go through all this??

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    all I want is to pass by his grace

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    it's ok

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    Hmmm! I hear o

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