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    Global Update

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    06-01-2016 10:27:00 +0000

    We have been receiving many questions from jambites about the upcoming JAMB exam. So we posed those questions to JAMB officials and got some very detailed responses from them. Below are the responses

    1. Q: Is it true that UTME student for 2015/2016 can now choose two(2) universities?
    A: Yes, students are now allowed to have two universities as their choices when filling the application form. A student is allowed to choose one type of university each. One will not be allowed to choose two Federal or State Universities. It should be a either a Federal , State or Private university. Both choices should not be of the same type (You can choose 1 Federal and 1 State or Private).

    2. Q: There were problems last year, what has been done to fix things for this year
    A: The year 2016 will be different from last year((2015) because JAMB is making every effort to make sure that the problems that was faced in the last CBT exams does not reoccur. They are testing the accreditation centers to be sure that they are ready to accommodate the students. They have done the first round of testing and have two(2) more to go before the actual exam date.

    3. Q: Has the list of accredited centers changed?
    A: Yes, you can view the centers here

    4. Q: Has the criteria for becoming an accredited center changed?
    A: Only centers that met the testing requirements (a minimum of 250 functional computers and 20 backups computers) will be allowed. Before the minimum number of computers was 200 but now it is 250.

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