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  • National Assembly Considering suspending N75,000 UNN Laptop Fee

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    06-12-2015 17:05:00 +0000

    According to Vanguard Newspaper, The House of Representatives has asked its Committees on Education (Basic and Tertiary) to intervene in the compulsory N75,000 laptop fee charged students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The house unanimously took the decision following a motion under matters of urgent public importance sponsored by Rep. Bashir Babale (APC-Kano).

    The most relevant quotes from the HoR members are :
    “In a situation where young people are complaining of educational imbalance, how can an institution come up with this kind of policy?’’ he asked. Babale further decried the situation where some tertiary institutions in the country solely depended on students to fund their activities. “Students are paying fees to construct roads and culverts in the universities.

    This is a story we recommend candidates for UNN and other school follow closely because if the HoR members decide to intervene in this way, they may come under pressure to do the same for many other schools around Nigeria. There are several schools charging similar facilities and equipment fees for incoming students so if UNN is made to suspend it's fee, it stands to reason that students from other schools will demand the same relief

    Link to full article:

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    Dtz a Very gud decison

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  • timothy okuarume

    it should be stopped, lap top fees.

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