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  • Tutorial Classes(Courses) in Preparation for 2019 JAMB Exams

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    The Jambite app has a range of courses that you can enroll in after taking past questions to find out the areas that you did not do very well(weak areas). The courses here are tailored using the JAMB syllabus and focused on helping you study efficiently. All courses are packaged in notes, audios, visuals and quiz.

    Benefits of the taking the online course
    Audio lecture: unlike an in-person lecture, you can replay, pause or skip lessons as often as you’d like. Progress through the course at your own pace.
    Notes: you can go through the notes at your pace. Use of optimized images to aid explanations
    Course discussion forum: you can have one-on-one communication with the instructor and have your questions answered.

    How To access the course:
    -> Click on the icon at the top left corner of the app
    -> Click on Tutorial Classes
    -> All Courses and you will see the course listed there
    You can also find the course by using the search feature.
    You can preview some of the course content if you so choose.

    Below are the list of some courses in various subjects
    Strategies for acing JAMB English
    Top 100 Difficult JAMB Vocabulary Words
    In Dependence - Book Review PART 1
    In Dependence - Book Review PART 2

    Principles of Economics

    Element of Government
    Political Development in Nigeria
    Foreign Policy And Nigeria's Relationship With International Community
    International Organizations

    Ecology - Part 1
    Ecology - Part 2
    Genetics and Evolution

    Waves and Optics

    Christian Religious Knowledge
    Creations to the Division of the Kingdom


    Literature in English

    Set Theory
    Probability and Statistics
    Further Maths

    How To Use The Jambite App
    Dealing with Significant figures
    How to Study with the Jambite App
    Strategies for Maximizing your Scores

    Please try out the courses and give us your feedback by leaving a review and/or rating the course.

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