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  • Tips on How to Study and Improve your scores with the Jambite App

    Global Update

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    02-01-2019 12:01:00 +0000

    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome from the holiday break. We noticed that despite the holidays, many people still made time to get in some serious studying and practice. This is one of the keys to success! An early start to your preparation for the JAMB is one of the keys to success.

    For those who are yet to begin studying, here are some tips on how to catch up;

    a) First pick the subjects that you are going to take in the exam: know the course that you intend to apply for and the subject combinations that are needed for the course.
    b) Then start taking past question in those subjects so that you can know which areas you are strong and weak.
    c) For the areas you are weak, you want to get some lessons to help brush up your knowledge: go to the “Tutorial Classes” on the app to find courses that you can take.
    d) After taking the lessons, go back and practice more past question and see if your score has improved .
    e) Repeat steps (c) and (d) until you have confidence that you will pass

    Registrations for the JAMB is around the corner, keep studying and remember, if you run into any question that you find difficult to solve, post about it on our discussion page and either one of the Jambite Team member or your peers will try to help.

    Welcome to 2019 and have a happy and successful New Year

    Jambite Team

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