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  • Students Response from Interview conducted at University of Ibadan (UI)

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    06-05-2016 13:38:00 +0000

    Recently we sent some agents to University of Ibadan, to get relevant details about the school, so interested candidates can get some ideas of what it tako get in and succeed , below are the response from students at University of Ibadan(UI)

    Interview 1

    Name: Chisom, I
    Age: 16
    School: University of Ibadan
    State of Origin: Anambra
    Course: First year, Law
    JAMB Score: 257
    Post UTME Score: 74

    Why did you chose University of Ibadan
    I chose UI because it's near home, it's seen as the best university. Whenever UI grads apply for job interviews, they are given an audience before any other. UI students are sound, they go for competitions and win most times. Wherever they go they stand out.

    What is it like in UI?
    You can join any club, society etc. UI is whatever you want it to be. Be it academic excellence, sports or music, art, dance, UI is gives you the opportunity to do what you want to do.
    UI has it's challenges but despite that, it's still a fun place to be.

    Advice to Jambites:

    1. Prepare well
    2. Give it your best
    3. Pray & Trust God
    4. Read hard, read wide
    5. Meet people, practice everything - past questions. Try to learn everything you can lay your hands on that's connected with JAMB or post JAMB. Don't leave any book unopened that would help you pass your exam

    Interview 2

    Name: Okpara, C
    Age: 20
    School: University of Ibadan
    Gender: Male
    Course: 2nd year, Geography
    JAMB Score: 211 (did dual practice: both paper and computer)
    Post UTME Score:69

    Why did you chose University of Ibadan
    UI is rated as the best in the country and one of the best on the continent. I like to go for things that are tangible so I couldn't leave the opportunity of attending UI. The experience is somewhat different from other schools and the educational system is at its best.

    What is it like in UI?
    It's not all fun. No one comes to school to play or to fail. You come to school to work so it's stressful - that's why you're in school.

    Advice to Jambites

    Study hard, pray. God does it best. Because most of the time what you expect you don't get so that's where your spirituality comes into play. Because in the Nigerian setting, they don't always judge exams based on what you've written or what you know (it's as if they just give scores to whoever they like or based on your name). So do your best and leave the rest for God

    Interview 3

    Name: Shade B.
    State of Origin: Oyo
    School: University of Ibadan
    Gender: Female
    Course: 2nd year, Physcology
    JAMB Score: 237 (2014 CBT)
    Post UTME Score: 68

    Why did you chose University of Ibadan
    UI is a very good school. At least it has a great legacy.

    What is it like in UI?
    It's stressful here but on the other side, it's very fun and educating.

    Advice to Jambites

    Don't get carried away by the social affairs of this school. If you get carried away, it's a very long story.

    Interview 4

    Name: Bebiana, M
    Age: 19
    State of Origin: Ondo
    School: University of Ibadan
    Gender: Female
    Course: 1st year, CRS
    JAMB Score: 254 (2014 CBT)
    Post UTME Score: 64 (6am on a Saturday - arts and social sciences)

    Why did you chose University of Ibadan
    I chose the school because it was close by and my parents wanted me to attend this school. You know how difficult it is to travel,I'm getting to like the school.

    What is it like in UI?
    The academic life, and everything.
    It's fun, social, academics. Everything you can think of. It's cool.

    Advice to Jambite
    When coming in you should realize that you are coming in for something good. You should have a target of what you want to achieve here. Then follow that target till you get there. And UI is not an easy school so even if you are given a course you didn't want, you should take it and make the best out of it.

    Interview 5

    Name: Augustina A.
    Age: 20
    State of Origin: Oyo
    School: University of Ibadan
    Gender: Female
    Course: 2nd year, Physcology
    JAMB Score: 264 (2014 CBT)
    Post UTME Score: 74

    Why did you chose University of Ibadan?
    I chose to attend UI because I learned it's a good school. It's the first and the best! It's fun and stressful.

    Advice to Jambites
    They should prepare. There's a belief that UI is a very tough school, but my in my own experience was not that tough. So they can always do it and they can make it.

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