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    Global Update

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    14-03-2016 20:54:00 +0000

    Now that everyone is done with their exams, the question on everyone's mind is "will I be admitted into school X". The answer is somewhat complicated so for now lets focus on what we do know.

    1) The score you got on JAMB does NOT guarantee you admission into any school
    2) Your JAMB score only qualifies you to participate in post UTME exams.
    3) Most schools will look at how your performed on BOTH JAMB and post UTME before deciding if you should be admitted

    Based on how things have been done in the past we have observed the following patterns are used by schools to determine who is qualified to take post UTME exams:
    If you score is below 150.
    - You will need to look for schools that don't require JAMB or
    - Try iJAMB Or direct entry approach

    If your score is between 150 but below 180
    - You will be able to take post UTME exams for almost all polytechnics
    - Please note that depending on how all the students did in this years JAMB, the minimum score might be raised to 160

    If your score is above 180
    - Almost all universities and polytechnics will allow you to do post UTME with them

    What are the exceptions?
    - Some schools (e.g. UI, Unilorin, Unilag etc) are very hard to get into because they are popular with so many students. So even though their cutoff mark may be around 200, you will likely need a much higher score to gain admission
    - Some schools will have a base cutoff mark of 180 for most faculties but will require a higher score for some faculties such as medicine and law. So you want to make sure that you are checking the cutoff mark for the course you want to take.
    - There are several public schools and private schools that don't require JAMB for admittance

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    Pls what is a cut-off scores

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    Please what are the example of of of schools schools that doesn't require jamb for admission and what do they require

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    Thanks. Pls can you post ui, unilorin cut-off marks?

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