• Piece of advice to those who haven't written yet

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    Jibo Khadijah
    03-03-2016 14:25:00 +0000

    Dear all,I hope you're preparing hard for the d-day.you are supposed to have been through with the q and a and restarting all over again.yes!it's possible if you really want it.trust me most if not all of jamb questions are repeated, it's a one time thing if you mess up this time you have to write again.when you get into the exams calm down and don't be scared shitless about the time, just be a bit conscious. start with the subject that's simpler and doesn't need deep thinking, if you encounter a question that requires alot of thinking leave it until ur done. proof read your work twice,if you the time though. don't be scared cos people are submitting. if you have any problem kindly raise your hand to get the attention of the supervisor, don't turn,concentrate on your work alone.as for the English read the book alot,remember details like the color of efuas bedshit.dont forget to pray,best wishes!!!...jkm

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