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  • hello guys did anyone notice the upgrade on this app yes am taking about this app Jambite

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    Daniel chimezie
    25-08-2016 13:58:00 +0000

    shout out to the developer of this now. if you haven't upgraded this app(Jambite) kindly do so now because you can now get more updates from me, ask questions and miss none of my post. Some of you might be asking the question how? it's simple you can follow me on this app by clicking on the follow icon. And how do u do that it pretty easy just click on my photos there you can see the follow icon, kindly click on the follow icon and that's it you are tuned to getting all my posts and many more. Don't forget the block icon is there in case you what to block anybody from reaching you here on this app. many thanks to the admin for this development it is a welcomed development. don't forget you can also message me PRIVATELY or call me via my phone number 08100656761. Thank-you

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  • Faith Ezenwa Michael

    yes oooo

    5 25-08-2016 14:04:00 +0000

  • Okhai Ubuike


    5 25-08-2016 14:07:00 +0000

  • Ogar andede J

    any news about unical admission list?

    5 25-08-2016 15:38:00 +0000

  • olawumi Azeez

    I ɖɷŋ't

    5 25-08-2016 19:38:00 +0000