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  • hello Guy, let's try to exercise some patience with some of our schools Who are either yet to announce their admission screening form or admission list.

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    Daniel chimezie
    23-08-2016 14:18:00 +0000

    this article was written by a student his name is wisdom his a reliable source on anything concerning Unn MORE ON ADMISSION...... Note: I am not countering anybody's Info, bc they are all trying to feed your curiosity but I guess certainty should be maintained . I am humbly pleading with you guys especially bundles of you that sent quez to my Inbox yesterday, asking me the cutoff of this department or the Other..... And will always attach or notify me that this person or that person posted that the cutoffs or even the list have been compiled but have not been made public.... I am kindly and humbling appealing to you guys, to stop bugging my inbox with quez on cutoffs as u might unknowingly be draining my battery... I was once an Aspirant, and I know how desperate/curious One can be on admission matters, but I think it will be nicer and more sensible if you can divert your quez to those people that told you that cutoffs are out.... Ask them the specific cutoffs of your respective departments.... . Bc of the pressure that came with yesterday Night quez, I resorted to asking a Prof in The faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacognosy, This very morning around 10:06 am, whether the cutoffs for pharmacy hv been placed, His exact words was these "We have not gotten the names and general performance of those who applied for pharmacy, hence cutoff marks have not been placed," and he was the person that told me the cutoffs for pharmacy last year, that same. Day it was made....... I also have to ask abt two faculty officers of different faculties, and they said cutoffs have not been placed for now....... I assumed that perhaps, they wana take different trend this year by placing the cutoffs in the Admission Unit at Nsukka since there was no postume, I happen to ask two different pple in the admission office and they said cutoff has not been placed... . The person that confided in them that the cutoffs has been placed and that the list has been compiled can as well tell them the cutoffs of some specific departments nah...... Not that same old story like: list has been compiled, cutoffs is out but has not been made public.... If they can't tell you the cutoffs when it hasn't been publicized then let everybody keep quiet and wait till it comes out for public notice and not you getting that old time gist and rushing to my inbox to ask me to give you the cutoffs..... . Even though that of yesterday was very much annoying, when about 97 persons asked me exactly same quez, and almost in same pattern, that they heard from this person and blablabalaba..... But I am not typing this in annoyance bc I was once in your shoes, but I humbly plead that you should have asked these quez to those that told you or posted that cutoffs is out, or lists has been compiled.... Biko!!! I beg of you, before u make fusses that person snubbed you...... I would have send this directly to each and everyone of you, but I Think its more plane here, so As to notify other aspirants that will make same mistake...... . To this End, I wish to quote that as at 11:00AM today, Primary Admission haven't started, we never can tell what they are waiting for, perhaps Neco or stability... even though Jamb gave varsities a deadline of 30 Nov to conclude admission processes, I think we got to fold our hands and watch as things unfolds.... . I might not have that big chance to post on admission Again till any reasonable report comes On.... You still have ur freedom of choice, if am to advice you, I will rather say you start saving , so that anything that comes up, u will have some money to start from somewhere..... This is change era u know??? Change can be positive or negative.....where ur parents still have a role to play financially, I guess u have to help them a bit in any little way u can.... UNN is not that cheap Oooo . To Whom Brain is Given... . Wisdom

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    u ar great.thanks for giving us Hope

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