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  • Waec Result

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    comment tutappele
    15-08-2016 20:41:00 +0000

    Some of our candidates have been messaging us concerning the 2016 Waec Result… Asking if its true that waec truly mistakenly uploaded the 2016 Waec result, due to some News trending online. The message content below: “Waec have told universities all over Nigeria not to give admission because WAEC have made mistakes when uploading results on net which we have closed our website for further notice, we would go through All Candidates Results If You know that you took 2016 Waec Be informed that you should go and check your result starting from 18 of August to see your original result. There was a mistake in the first results that was released.” But the very truth about this story is that, waec didn’t make any mistake , all the news are false and should be ignored According to The waec portal all results are uploaded....

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  • Johnson John

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  • Assumpta Omowumi

    Please i don't know what is wrong. I checked my result on the 7th of august and i saw my result with my name and school. But when i checked again on the 15th of august, i saw that there is no result for me dis year. What should i do, i am really confused.

    0 15-08-2016 21:15:00 +0000

  • Johnson John

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  • comment tutappele

    network probs...or u made a mistake inserting d pin, serial number or examination number

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  • Eze kelvin

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  • Sandra Frank

    Good day great students of Nigeria, my name is Frank Sandra UPGRADING WACE result is really possible, i used to doubt it then till i saw a post about it, i called the number and the person that picked up my call happened to work at WACE office. he actually helped me to upgrade my WACE result and two of my friends own too which was withheld and later released with bad grades IF YOU NEED HELP UPGRADING OR CHECKING, RECTIFICATION OF BIO-METRICS ISSUES, WACE RESULT, CORRECTION of NAME , i will advice you call MR William FOR ASSISTANCE::09066011565 Am okay with 100% certain he can be of help to you as he was to me, Here is his email:

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