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  • How to Avoid Cultists in the University – Student Explains it all (SHARE THIS)

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    Prince Ty
    04-08-2016 16:15:00 +0000

    If you are a fresher this topic is especially for you, and every other person , i just had to create this article , read on …..
    I am not happy when people die ,with the recent killings and harassments and beatings in schools, i decided to write this.This topic is something i am really scared writing (i had to commit my self into Gods hands writing this and seek HIS guidance) after seeing some people showing themselves here on Nairaland i have to be afraid na    

    I am not a cultist ,never was , and by God’s grace and with His help never would be ,i am not claiming to know it all or claiming to have had first hand experience with cultists,for the purpose of this article anywhere you see “big boys” or “big girls” i am referring to cultists so we dont repeat the word all the time.I would also attempt to be a bit funny to ease off the tension of reading a scary and sensitive article.Its quite long , but just be patient till the end , you wont regret it.

    Common sense
    My mum: A big boy used to toast her when she was still doing sisi
    My aunt: A big boy used to toast her too
    My Guidiance counsellor(In mayflower school ikenne), he is blind (It was rumored that he was a cultist and he had his eyes plucked out(i dont know how true the story is)
    The HolySpirit
    Natural and God giving ability to understand Human Psychology

    A big respect goes out to all the big boys and big girls here on Nairaland , this article is not to spite you, make you look bad ,its just to protect innocent people from getting into trouble .I am humble.

    Mind what you wear/colors 
    This is very important , so many innocent people harrased because of this , while i cannot say for sure all the color combinations you should avoid i believe colors like yellow and yellow,yellow and black,red and black,white and red , should be avoided as much as possible .
    Avoid handbands as much as you can , ok you can wear your church hand bands,but plain handbands just forget it , i dont care the color.
    When you are wearing hoodies (i am a fan of these , i am a geek *winks* so i like forming Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg hehehehe) please always wear the ones with plain fabric , if possible without writings and drawings ,if you are wearing it at night please dont use the “cap” to cover your head Please stop wearing clothes with skulls , goat head , eye of Horus ,”the all seeing eye on a pyramid” etc.
    In general always scrutinize your outfits before wearing them
    There was a day i mistakenly wore plain black round neck on plain black shorts in the night !!!!!because i was in a hurry to go out to buy something, omo that day i no get myself , come see as people they look me .
    Please folks be careful !!!!!.

    Face your book
    If i had the opportunity of deleting every other point and leave one , i would choose this one as the ONE, when you face your book you would hardly have time for anything else that would result in meeting with this people,if you face you book squarely , you wont have time for galivanting,partying,unneccessary gatherings,flashy dressing etc.Please face your boooook ooo.

    Be careful around “biggest” and “prettiest” girls
    Few months ago during my ND in Elect elect , i was one of the top students , so girls would always flock around me from other departments to teach them and help them with academical problems ,including some biggest girls(not big girls ooo) and even the prettiest girls some guys have being trying to say common good morning to and she is following me a broke ass nigga  and even lauging ahhhhhh because i am kind of funny too,dem go come dey take one kind eye look me egbami !!! , long story short dont stay around them for too long , let it be strictly business so they wont start eyeing you,thinking you are dating her.With my understanding of sociology i know “owning” a beautiful woman has a lot to do in boosting a mans ego , respect etc , so dont get in the way of someone trying to acquire or already owns that.

    Stay away from people with coded languages and slangs
    A lot of people use coded languages and slangs even innocently , but its better safe than sorry , you dont know who is who , please stay clear , especially when the use of such words and slangs become used too often especially among the same set of people .

    Hand signals /Hand shakes
    Some people also do this innocently , but please any hand shake different from normal handshakes (grabbing the hand and shaking ) please stop it !!!, you might be doing a particular cults secret handshake by mistake !!!! , some people like having special hand shakes with their besties like Spongbebob and Larry *winks* but pls be careful ooooo hmmmm.

    Be humble,patient and respectful
    If you see the way i dey respect people ehn !!! , till some people and my friends called me a weakling,because some people would vex me i would still be doing good boy , the point here is , when you respect people and you are very humble you would hardly fall into trouble ,if someone steps on you tell the person sorry sef, come smile join am 

    Group/Gathering of guys
    This is a no no no for me , i know at times you want to hangout with your friends and discuss, talk about exams etc ,but once a conversation is taking too long, the group has similar or partially matching outfit or dress pattern, jejeli stay away from that place.

    No party 
    I know some people would blast me for this , seriously just stay away from parties as much as possible ,especially night parties.

    Dont walk at night
    This is easy to understand na , because of the need for cover and not being noticed , they are likely to move at night , so try to limit your night movement so you dont bump into them.

    Give unto ceaser what belongs to ceaser
    If for any reason you bump into them or have issues with them one way or the other, please and please give them whatever they ask for , its better safe than sorry ,your life is worth more than everything you currently have .Even if it is your Ferrari give them o.

    Dont underestimate anyone
    You think its only muscular and strong eyed guys that can be big boys abi , that A+ student in your class, that handsome boy that cannot even hurt a fly , that 16 year old fresher , hmmm its like AIDS mehn , e no dey show for face , so dont underestimate anyone,assume everybody has a potential of being a big boy or girl , regardless of their religious or moral views .

    Shut your mouth
    If for some reasons you find out someone is a cultist , or bump into one , or someone whispers it to you , SHUT YOUR MOUTH about it,infact KEEP KWAYET !!!! , you would be doing more potential harm than good talking about the person to your friends ,even when people are talking about such person or people and what they are , quietly leave their midst , you dont know who is who !!!!.

    Avoid Tattoos 
    I would not talk about the moral and spiritual significance /ramifications of this (a topic for another day),but please stay away , FLEE !!!! from tattoos, i am not saying anyone who has a tattoo is a cultist, but there are huge chances they are one , or would soon be one , so dont get yourself caught up in a web and self initiation.

    Dont try to settle fights
    I know this is hard ,i always try to mediate when people disagree, but when its getting heated up or turning physical , please leave there o, you dont know what is coming out of their pocket or bag next.

    Stop entering peoples rooms unannounced
    I know in hostels you get used to your friends and you just badge into their rooms anyhow, you better knock before entering and wait to be told to go in before attempting to, that is how a girl badged into a guys room that was toasting her , only to jam big boys having a meeting, she was lucky they were linient and let her go according to her.

    Be descreet if you are a rich kid
    I know what all you rich folks can do sometimes, money gets into your head and you start showing and flaunting wealth , please stop it , i am not saying you shouldnt enjoy your money but please,stop making it too would attract big boys and girls to yourself by showing money too much.Rich folks are always important in any functioning society either the society at large or smaller societies.Stay discreet and safe oooo.

    Stop entering bushes/Secluded areas/Abandoned or uncompleted buildings
    Any thing that is intended to be discreet , would most likely be done somewhere that would give some privacy or complete secrecy,so if you are lover of nature like me and you like to poo poo in the bush and let the fresh air blow your butt hehehehe, be careful which bush you go to ooo, you can do it at the edge in a nylon and fling it inside the bush(God helps you if it lands on their head hahahahahaha) Just do it at the edge and cover with leaves jare .

    Dont try to form activist
    I know some things happen can make you want to protest and tell some people why they shouldnt do some things or abuse/trample on your rights bla bla bla , even the constitution said “you have right to life” so dont play with your life , just humble yourself , you have to let things go.

    Dont fight
    I know some people can be annoying sometimes , and they would really flare you up , but if you have followed the other advises above you would hardly get into a fight or something that would cause a fight,if it happens for a reason please just walk out of the scene before the fight starts.pls ooo.

    Stay away from political positions in school
    I know some people would also blast me for this , seriously stay away from political positions in school, you are likely to encounter them if you contest, if you believe you have a strong ambition and you are ready to take the risk no wahala, sha carry Jesus with you.

    Stay indoors during HOT periods
    When i say hot periods i mean periods such as ,election in school,exams,end of semester,registration etc , during this periods schools are usually very hot , so please stay indoors as much as possible.

    Dont run your mouth too much I know how some women can be sometimes , always running their mouths, there are big girls tooo ooo, no be only big boys dey, so respect yourself

    Be soft on your toasters
    If you want to put a guy off , for whatever reasons , please do it respectfully , and peacefully .I have heard of cases where girls are raped for refusing offers.

    Dress modestly 
    Dressing in skimpy clothes would attract eyes to you ,so to avoid the bad ones,please be modest with your dressing .

    Stop being a chop chop
    Any where you see money , you enter , any boy that gives you , you collect , i advise you stop now oo, before you fall into the wrong hands

    Stop being a cassanova : 
    Some guys carry it like trophy on their head , by counting how many girls they have slept with and how many girlfriends they have , chances are you would end up getting involved with a girl that one “big boy” is toasting .

    Breaking girls hearts
    While this can happen for different reasons , but some guys do it on purpose as a result of the first one above , God help you if her brother is a “big boy”.

    Dont underestimate any girl
    When any girl tells you i would show you,you better beg her and all her generations , i have heard of stituations where guys are raped (some mumu perverts would be happy),the kind of rape that would make them hospitalised and not being able to walk for weeks , be careful , if you like say “I am not understanding” ,you have been warned o

    Love Jesus and Pray always
    I decided to add this last to it would remain fresh in your minds , there is nothing as sweet as loving and following Jesus , its like Baygon spray to mosquitoes, it would always repel evil, even evil would respect you, you would have authority second to none , you would be ignored when evil comes ,always pray and seek Help from God, read your bible ,That book has more than enough wisdom .Have fellowship with the Holy Spirit frequently , He is the great director.

    While there are situations where some of this tips may not be valid , some people can look so “Holy” and still pose danger. i believe if you follow this tips you would be safe ,if for any reason you have gotten into trouble already with a big boy or girl please beg them furiously and roll on the floor , dont form Jesus pikin and say you are James Bond and no harm can come to you,Jesus encourages us to be wise so be wise , and give unto ceaser what belongs to ceaser If you have begged and they are not listening please just leave that area if possible forever,talk to your guidiance counsellor they might be able to plead on your behalf(Take note i said “talk to your guidiance counsellor”, not “report to your guidiance counsellor” they are two different things)

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  • Jessy Peter


    7 04-08-2016 16:19:00 +0000

  • savage adunola

    very nice...I pray students of nowadays will stick to those instructions

    7 04-08-2016 16:30:00 +0000

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    OK nice

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    Well noted

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    This is very helpful but we need d grace of God ooooo

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