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  • Unn aspirant get in here

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    Daniel chimezie
    02-08-2016 11:56:00 +0000

    AS UNN 2016/17 ADMISSION SCREENING APPLICATION ENDS---PRIMARY ADMISSION LIST LOADING...80% Let me first of all talk to some of us here who didn't reach 200 which is UNN general cut off mark, I mean those with 180-199. If you fall in this category, my dear, I want to tell u the truth, I know how u feel. Yes, its true that your score didn't reach UNN cut off mark, but listen my dear, there is admission hope for you. I only want u to follow my humble opinion/advice now before it becomes too late. Now, I want you to forget about UNN for now, go and check if the screening form of the poly or college of Edu u chose is out. If its out, my dear just apply for the poly or that CoE or both. Then ...I am so sure that you must be offered admission in that poly or college ....then just manage that course they gonna give you next year, you apply for JAMB or manage it till u reach level 200, then u apply for DE for that your dream course and Uni ...u gonna be admitted through DE into UNN or any other uni u gonna chose. I am saying this because as it stands now, everything about admission in Nigeria is unpredictable. JAMB herself initially said she will send people who didn't reach the cut off mark of their first choice institution to their second choice institution, & now Prof Dibu has been sacked, we don't know how this new JAMB registrar will make his own policies, so don't wait for your second choice school, many of them are admitting only first choice candidates, go for poly first. I know that JAMB frustrated you people this year but I thank God that God has started paying Prof Dibu back . He has been sacked shamefully....So dear think about this & follow your spirit. God is on your side & I know that someday, everything u have passed through to gain admission will become stories to be told with a glass of expensive juice in your hand. Remember, #It_Shall_All_End_In_Praise FOR THOSE THAT REACHED UNN CUT OFF & HAVE REGISTERED FOR HER SCREENING I want you all to retain your faith in God alone. I thank God that Everything is gradually ending in praises. JAMB Reg have succeeded in delaying the destinies of many Nigerian youths, killed many joy but he can't kill your destiny. Since u have applied for UNN screening, just keep watching God as He takes control. If UNN will conduct any other screening before releasing her first admission list, you would still be told or informed. For now, expect the best of Admission success and get ready for the worst. U must know your fate this august. Let's keep watching because in no long time, u will depart for UNN/UNEC campus. Remember, #It_Shall_All_End_In_Praise posted by Tojesus

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  • Jessica Fyn

    God help us.. Am so confused...

    2 02-08-2016 12:32:00 +0000

  • Kevin Mmadukwe

    funny yo

    2 02-08-2016 12:47:00 +0000

  • Michelle Gold

    Amen o!

    2 02-08-2016 19:13:00 +0000

  • Amarachi Maduabuchi

    guys unn said there might still be post utme examination.....she said that many candidates documents are incomplete, incorrect or not clear the documents can't just be used to judge us because if the documents are used then many that are supposed to gain admission won' go and start reading....if u don't believe me check it on their face book page it was posted on 1st of August........

    2 04-08-2016 10:23:00 +0000

  • Daniel chimezie

    @amarachi dere are many Unn pages out dere kindly give me your number lemme call you we need to talk

    2 04-08-2016 10:56:00 +0000

  • Amarachi Maduabuchi


    2 04-08-2016 11:28:00 +0000