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    Emenike Chiderah
    17-07-2016 12:11:00 +0000

    Jamb updates on admission Hello, please calm down and read line by line without rush, just slow your nerves and heart beats and read quietly. However, going by the recent guidelines for Admission into Tertiary Institution (posted by Mr Dibu on 8th July 2016). some aspirants could not decode the information very well, maybe due to lack of PDF platform on their device while some others can decide to run it through, so the Jamb admission consideration posting saga raised some unanswered questions from some aspirants, questions Like "with 266 i have not been posted, you mean with 230 I'm yet to be posted" etc. Now i have taken time to go through it over and over again i came to a conclusion that at least there will be some elements of truth in those admission guidelines, only IF this is a country where things are done as being said. It is as well very important to Note that the Modalities for screening of 2016 candidates that was set on 28th June 2016, does not contradict with that of 8th July (they are still saying the same thing).Having in mind that Jamb will not use point system in admission screening, because that of ATBU Bauchi & IBBU was just used as an instance on how some schools usually conduct their Admission screening without post utme. NOW LETS STUDY THE MODALITIES FOR FEDERAL UNI & AS WELL THE JAMB GUIDELINE FOR ADMISSION. 1).The main issue of June 28th meeting was centered on Page 28 of the Modalities, which reconcile with page 1 of Jamb Guideline for Admission,meaning they are still saying the same thing. You can check iy on your own 2).Lets solve the problem of people asking whether awaiting result candidates were posted. The answer is YES. at least I know,have checked and seen so many of them posted to their various institution. Now the page 2 & NO 7 of the Jamb Guideline can solve your problem. it says "the List of qualified candidates awaiting SSCE/A'Level can be KEPT IN VIEW (K.I.V) pending the release of their result. This simply means that if you already got the right score and you have been forwarded (qualified)for screening no matter or whether your are still WAITING for WAEC,NECO,NABTEB result as an o'level student or maybe your ND result as an A'level student,that you are good to go for the screening provided you got the right score,so when you reach, you present other certificates (birth,L.G ID etc) to them, then your your FULL admission into the institution will be KEPT IN VIEW pending the release of your O'level/A level result. i think this is clear now. NOW LETS GO TO THE REAL ISSUE. WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN POSTED DESPITE MY JAMB SCORE. please i have been going through some comments in this site on JAMB ENABLES PORTAL FOR ADMISSION CONSIDERATION. so reaching page 140 of those comments, one of the lads said something that i pick and which made me to go back and study that Jamb Admission guidelines again. lets take a close look at the comment and then try to compare it with Jamb Guideline. the guy " Joshua Abuke said: Good Afternoon,afta recent events of some being posted and others not being posted,I and my Dad decided hear the truth from the horse's mouth(We went to jamb headquarters). Now the crux of the matter is thus; According to them,those were initially posted was just a test run.They said it wasn't possible to be posted about 1.5million candidates as it costs money.So, it was decided the screening list is to be sent the universities .Now according to school quota(number of students the can accommodate per course) our details has been sent,so your name will appear on screening list based on the three criteria (merit,catchment,Elds). So being posted doesn't not really count. So everybody go for ur screening Oh.dont panic bcos few peeps were posted. Cos is nobody will posted on the portal again.Go for screening,info hundred percent reliable". That's what the guy Just said. NOW LETS TRY AND COMPARE IT WITH THE GUIDELINE RELEASED BY JAMB. Page 2 and No 8 of the guideline said: consideration of the recommended list as FORWARDED by Jamb should be completed within one month from the date of receipt of the List. Now in my own view i think that Jamb can only recommend only the people that has 180 and above and where are they going to forward to ? they are going to forward it to the school. for what? for admission consideration. which means that there is every possibility of Jamb forwarding everybody that scored 180 and above to their schools, so when they reach they will be screen (considered/checked)and don't even be surprise if i'm posted on Jamb portal with 180 to a less competitive course in uniben i might be sent back by the school,REASON i didn't reach the school cutoff of 200, because I'm being sent there for ordinary screening and not to go and collect my admission letter, please I'm not wishing badluck to people with 180 posted to a school that has a traditional cutoff like UNILAG,BETTER BY FAR,GREAT IFE,UI etc. just that this schools cannot compromise and accommodate such person unless God's hand is there.please get me right,if you crossed the school minimum cutoff mark and your department is less competitive needless to worry, so you can go to the comments of JAMB ENABLES PORTAL FOR ADMISSION CONSIDERATION, go to page 136 of those comments, i think one guy by name: ITS YA BOI FRANCIS,has something to give us as a prove. This means that everybody has been posted to their school whether it shows on Jamb portal or Not. Now to prove it further can you recall that this same saga of posting for Admission consideration (Eligibility) was done last year,and if you where eligible last year try and put your last year (2015)REG NO in the JAMB 2015 eligibility portal. You will discover that it is still the same massage with that of this year which reads: your details has been sent to so so so school for admission consideration, that's only if you where eligible last year so you can test it. please brethren I'm not saying that if you where eligible last year that it is automatic this year please quote me right, just trying to prove some fact from last year's eligibility. Hope you got that. Now lets continue our discussion. so if we look at some schools that adopted the Eligibility last year before it was cancelled the likes of UNN,UNIPORT,MOUAU.when these schools released their Post utme forms last year if you where not eligible your details will not show on the school portal when you try to register for the post utme exam, meaning that you were not forwarded to that school. But we see in this year posting, that somebody who has not been posted in Jamb Portal will still go to the school portal and register comfortably for the screening e.g UNN this year, meaning that ALL THE DETAILS OF QUALIFIED STUDENTS i.e 180 above depending on the school has been forwarded for consideration which the school has to do within one Month of receiving the qualified students, you see from here, I'M now believing from Joshua's comment that the first people posted on Jamb portal should be MERIT i.e depending on your score,competitive nature of your course and as well performance of the candidates in the department. SO NOW LETS SEE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE REMAINING THAT ARE YET TO BE POSTED ON JAMB PORTAL. I think same page 2 & No 9 of the guideline has something to say. it said: any institution that has a shortfall in the admitted candidates can make- up for candidates from other departments ON THE INSTITUTION LIST. please mark that word "ON THE INSTITUTION LIST". now the question here is, do you think that the statement "on the institution list" is for those that has been posted on Jamb portal alone ?. No it is not,because if it is for those posted on Jamb portal alone, that means admission this year has been completed and only those people will be admitted, also if it is for them alone there will be nothing like telling school to Make-up their department quota from their own list if there is a shortfall in any Area. This means that everybody qualified (i.e 180 above depends on school oh!) has already been posted to the school with their photo album and check list(that's on Admission Modalities on page 31 & 32)which the school will look at and screen you, so if your department still has a shortfall in the required quota for each department, then you will be considered for at least related course where there is vacancy; Uniben students can testify to this for previous years. Also here you know that your Jamb score & o'level play a part. Now vacancy can as well exist if any student posted does not have a complete O'level (either witheld or F9) result required for your discipline, so the person will be disqualified thereby creating space for others.This means that for the fact you were posted on either on Jamb portal or Not you are not yet Admitted till you show a complete result. Just that those posted on Jamb portal stands a better chance if they have complete O'level. NO LETS SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER ALL THE SPACE IS NOW FILLED WITH CANDIDATES. I think that the reason why No 8 of the guideline was given is so that the school will use that one month and consider the people they termed worthy of being admitted into the institution thereby allowing Jamb now to post the remaining ones into other various institutions depending on the availability of space in those schools. AND FINALLY No 11 of the guideline STATED THAT: the school should give reasons why such candidate was rejected. which i think the school can say maybe due to lack of space (i.e admission quota has been completed), or O'level/ A'level disqualification, or you didn't reach school cut off mark. Now giving room for Jamb itself to post the person(still based on their scores and course)to another school. SO CHEER UP STUDENTS NOTHING HAS GONE WRONG, THERE IS STILL HOPE OF MAKING IT TO YOUR DREAM SCHOOL, JUST A MATTER OF TIME. GO PICK UP YOUR SCHOOL FORMS IF IT IS OUT. So that's all I've been able to think so far,i didn't say that somebody told me, or if Dibu & Adamu are my uncles or relation, and i'm not saying that those claims of mine are from one utopia place in the sky because you know that g,so many are liable to change in this country of ours, so lets see where the whole saga will lead us to.

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  • Ama Gloria

    tnx dear for de information

    6 17-07-2016 12:23:00 +0000

  • Afolorunsho Herthander

    what about poly

    6 17-07-2016 12:24:00 +0000

  • andrew chidera

    yea...let's just keep on waiting

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  • Okereke Michael

    has 2016 result out I mean weac

    6 17-07-2016 12:26:00 +0000

  • Afolorunsho Herthander

    I am not up 2 200 for my jamb score my score is 178 will hi offered admission from JAMB

    6 17-07-2016 12:33:00 +0000

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    6 17-07-2016 12:33:00 +0000

  • Johnny Makuo

    My broda God bless you

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  • Emenike Chiderah

    Herthander admission for federal and state will be through before polytechnic

    6 17-07-2016 12:55:00 +0000

  • Afolorunsho Herthander

    Alrt @ Emenike Chiderah

    6 17-07-2016 12:56:00 +0000

  • Yc Liberty

    @emenike I scored 190 and when I check they said I have not yet been posted what's wrong?

    6 17-07-2016 12:57:00 +0000