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    Iredia Peter
    15-07-2016 14:19:00 +0000

    Good evening,afta recent events of some being posted and others not being posted,I and my Dad decided to hear the truth from the horse's mouth(We went to jamb headquarters). Now the crux of the matter is thus; According to them,those who were initially posted was just a test run.They said it wasn't possible to post about 1.5million candidates as it costs money.So, it was decided that the screening list is to be sent to the universities .Now according to the school's quota(number of students that they can accommodate per course) our details have been sent,so your name will appear on screening list based on the three criteria (merit,catchment,Elds). So being posted doesn't not really count. So everybody go for ur screening Oh.dont panic bcos few peeps were posted. Cos nobody will be posted on the portal again.Go for screening.

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