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    akpan David
    13-07-2016 09:59:00 +0000

    Good morning to my fellow friends Am sure we all are aware about jamb giving students admission. To me am so confused that almost 70percent of student who sat fr jamb and av above 200 has not been giving admission letter yet each time they check online. What are jamb official still waiting for?? To my own thinkn faculty,how will student enroll fr online screening when his or her name have not been giving admission yet and the institution portal will soon close??? Or are they selecting their own students then later send d rest of the students to North to go ND school,or send d rest to polytechnic, bcus am sure not everybody with 200 above will go to university, some will be send to polytechnic if there are no vacancy space again in university. My fellow Nigeria students am feed up Wt Nigeria education system BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT ARE JUST JEOPARDIZING OUR EDUCATION CAREER.

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