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    General Discussions

    Oluwole Omotayo
    13-07-2016 04:58:00 +0000

    Pls, any news about OAU?

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  • omokowajo kayode

    any news about Eksu admission pls

    3 13-07-2016 04:58:00 +0000

  • Oluwadare Cecilia

    Eksu is out BT don't no abt OAU

    3 13-07-2016 05:23:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    eksu online screening exercise has been postponed till July 15th, so,if you wanna apply,just hurry now and do it.cus they won't extend it again

    3 13-07-2016 06:05:00 +0000

  • Aishat Oluwakemisola

    hi kayode

    3 13-07-2016 06:09:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    That of OAU they are confused, even the PRO said that no news yet about their resumption and it's not Nash that closed their school,it's the FG .....concerning that of the screening, he also said that the portal has been opened for the screening due to some system problem that they gonna rectify it soon. In the light of this,keep abreast with the school portal cus they might open it anytime. ...cus that of last year was sold for just only one week.HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND KEEP ABREAST with

    3 13-07-2016 06:09:00 +0000

  • Aishat Oluwakemisola

    kayode don't worry av not hear any news dat

    3 13-07-2016 06:10:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    and for the posting, they've posted some of my friends to eksu

    3 13-07-2016 06:12:00 +0000

  • Aishat Oluwakemisola

    where is eksu located

    3 13-07-2016 06:18:00 +0000

  • Favour Fashina

    Adewusi Dammy, tnx. Pls as soon as you get info abt it bn rectified, info us

    3 13-07-2016 06:19:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    favour,I may not be able to inform you guys,please just keep on check in the eportal

    3 13-07-2016 06:20:00 +0000