• FG issues warning to universities over admission process

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    Precious Agbontan
    12-07-2016 22:21:00 +0000

    – The FG has issued a strongly worded warning to all Nigerian universities about the admission process – According to the federal ministry of education, only those sent by JAMB should be admitted by the universities – The FG also said they are standing by the initial decision to scrap the post-UTME process of admission Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Post secondary school candidates during a Computer Based Test Examination organised by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for entrance to universities As many universities in Nigeria continue to search for new avenues to prepare pre-admission screening protocols for students seeking admission into universities. The FG has issued a warning backing their earlier pronouncements scrapping the post-UTME process. The statement from the FG came from the Federal Ministry of Education on Monday, July 11. They sent a strongly worded statement to Nigerian universities, warning them that only the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) can admit students. READ ALSO: MUST READ: JAMB releases new guidelines for admission process, students check this out The director, press and public relations of the ministry, Mr Ben Goong stated that any institution that acted against the directive would be sanctioned accordingly by the government. Goong also denied media reports that the earlier decision to cancel post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) was upturned. According to Daily Post the ministry stated: “Universities have no business admitting candidates other than those sent to it by JAMB but could screen candidates to remove those with anti-social traits and suspicious credentials”. “All these should be done upon resumption. No university is allowed to have anything to do with any applicant who is not its student. Screening and registration are only for those who have been admitted by JAMB.” In conclusion, the ministry said7 while the ban on post-UTME stayed, screening was only for those admitted by JAMB and limited to examination of credentials and physical examination of candidates to ensure that they are not of questionable characters. Meanwhile, there have been reports that the government plans to curb the role of social media in examination malpractice. “The government here is very keen to control social media. They will learn from this, next time there is a protest they will use the experience to do another nationwide clampdown,” an unnamed source told the BBC. In the case of Ethiopia, it decided to block Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Viber after a massive leak of examination questions on social media. The government says its action is to force students to study hard for the academic exercise instead of to focus on rumor. source: www.blazerwap.com

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