• guys more names will be uploaded do not panic

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    Daniel chimezie
    11-07-2016 21:19:00 +0000

    #BREAKING_NEWS Now Listen up Everybody! This News is from a reliable source. He said that JAMB is still uploading Names. He also said that Jamb, once finish compiling set of Names, they will push it to Net. That means that tomorrow another Set of people will see their names while others will still wait next day etc till its done. To cut it short. He said that if not "your dream school" you must be assigned to a University. However that Means that at end you wont be seeing "YOU HAVE NOT BEEN POSTED YET" rather you will seeing where you're posted but it may not be your dream school. Finally, he made me to understand that all "Jamb Reg No" for this Year started with 65..... (check yours) so Jamb is releasing names Numerically . Thanks.

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