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    Daniel chimezie
    10-07-2016 10:53:00 +0000

    2016/17 Admissions: MATTERS ARISING......There Is A Question You Have Not Asked (Find out here) Blessed moment my blessed ladies & gentlemen. Okay, before I tell u that question u have not asked, let us go back and re-read some parts of the just released JAMB Guidelines For Admissions Into Tertiary Institutions. For those of u that have PDF reader on your phone, U can download & se these guidelines with your eyes. Just go to www.jamb.gov.ng Look around and you will see the modalities under "LATEST NEWS" ....that's by the way. The no 8th & 10th of the said guidelines reads thus: " 6.) Any candidate who does not possess the requirements as listed in item (4) above is deemed to have failed the screening process." 10.) "The screening list has been uploaded on JAMB website for possible users. Visit www.jamb.org.ng" NOW, WHAT IS THAT QUESTION? alright! Go back or scroll up to No. 8, &10...read it well. Did you understand anything? Yes you did! So the question every Aspirant (especially UNN aspirants) should be asking is WHEN IS UNN GOING TO SCREEN THOSE CANDIDATES FORWARDED TO THEM BY JAMB & HOW WOULD IT BE? #smiles! Now, if you read particularly that no 8 again, u will find out that "forward' was said in 'past tense', which means that JAMB has already sent the names to Institutions (including UNN). She Even asked those institutions that have received the names from JAMB, to start working on them, at least, 'one month' from the receipt of such names. ( that is, screening them, so that those who failed the screening maybe sent to other institutions for admission consideration). Okay, No 10" above says that the names of those qualified for screening has Been uploaded on JAMB site (though only institutions can see it at the moment, that's what is meant by "possible users"). For u as an aspirant to see it now, It requires UNN uploading such names on her website, Sending u an SMS, Or JAMB doing any of the above. But whichever way, what u should bear in mind that in no long time, there would be a means to find out if your name is among. #P.S: My recent post on the Type & number of people JAMB is forwarding to Institutions (UNN inclusive) is purely MY OPINION! U are at liberty to believe or disbelief any of my articles. Quod Erat Demonatrandum! Thank u CONCLUSION: My point is that Every aspirant here should start warming up because before this July ends, UNN will begin her screening process. UNN shall also inform aspirants whether they would come to Nsukka for the screening or not. For those of u with awaiting result, u just need to be very prayerful. No aspirant here should ever give up because your admission fruit is RIPE! U SHALL PLUCK IT SOON! Remember, #It_Shall_All_End_In_Praise

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