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  • How To Calculate Your Point Tally For Admission Screening 2016/2017!

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    Sulaiman Ibraheem Yusuf
    05-07-2016 14:30:00 +0000

    It will interest all admission-seekers to know that it is no longer business as usual. Submitting two WAEC/NECO/GCE results (i.e two sittings) is no longer the same with submitting one sitting for admission. Candidates who submit O’level at one sitting have an advantage over their counterparts with two sittings. It will contribute ti your total points that determines if you meet the cut-off marks. Any candidate who submits only one result which contains his/her relevant subjects already has 10 points. The exam could be NECO, WASSCE, November/ December WASSCE etc, but any candidate who has two sittings only gets 2 points. O’ Level grade points: Each grade would have it equivalent point; A=6 marks, B=4 marks, C=3 marks. UTME scores points: where each score range has its equivalent point which can be summarised thus, 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points. For example a candidate with 180-185 gets 20 points, while a candidate with 186-190 gets 21 points. Please be informed that FEES WILL STILL BE CHARGED for the screening exercise. Also, catchment and educationally less-developed state would still be used for admission from the 2016/2017 academic session. How To Calculate Your Points For 2016/2017 Admission Screening Exercise.!!!! SITTINGS: Let’s say you had all your required O’level subjects in one sitting, you have 10 marks there already. O’LEVEL: Now, let’s assume you have 2 As, 3 Bs and 4 Cs in your O’level result (WAEC/NECO/GCE), then you have, (2×6) + (3×4) + (3×3) = 33 Points JAMB SCORE: Let’s assume you score 200 in JAMB, you have 24 Points there. Summing everything together, we have SITTINGS POINT + O LEVEL POINT + JAMB POINT Your calculated total point for admission is now 10 + 33 + 24 = 67 Points. Now, you can only pray that the admission cut-off mark for your course is not more than 60 to have a high chance of getting admission into the institution of your choice. I will update you when Schools start to release their admission cut-off points for 2016/2017 admission.

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  • Adewusi Dammy

    This is fake

    4 05-07-2016 14:31:00 +0000

  • Mickey Lines

    which one do we belive??

    4 05-07-2016 14:33:00 +0000

  • christ okachi

    it is true not fake for

    4 05-07-2016 14:48:00 +0000

  • Chukwudi Samuel

    no p

    4 05-07-2016 14:49:00 +0000

  • christ okachi

    you like it or not it is true for your information that is the out come of the meeting between minister of education and all v.c yesterday.

    4 05-07-2016 14:54:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    I've come to a conclusion that many Nigerians have a learning disability. That point system model was specifically mentioned in the document as Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida university Lapai's model. Theirs and university of Abuja's model was sampled to show how schools that traditionally do not conduct post utme managed their admission processes. JAMB then stated clearly that the model wasn't beneficial because it puts candidates with weaker WAEC grades and awaiting results at a disadvantage. JAMB then prescribed that students would be offered provisional admission, after which they may proceed for verification of their O'level and A'level certificates at their various institutions of admission. This infers that Olevel would not be used as a determinant for admission, but most likely only JAMB results. I knew this shocking platform for gross misinformation would come up. If a learned person can't read, process and understand a simple 33 page document, what modicum of quality or intelligence is present in such person? This is pathetic

    4 05-07-2016 14:55:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    Chris. ..They modality is just an example of how some uni that doest do post jamb admit their student which is not favourable at all especially for those using awaiting result

    4 05-07-2016 14:56:00 +0000

  • Kingsley iboro

    that's a big lie. we have learning disabilities in Nigeria. they sited an example with some schools that used this pattern without writing pume prior to this time. and the conclusion was that it would be a disadvantage to some people with poor waec results. and then they said, you will be admitted by jamb. then you go to the school and be screened (waec result) but people read it,got confused and started confusing others. brother Go and read it again. stop scaring this Aspirants.

    4 05-07-2016 14:59:00 +0000

  • Adewusi Dammy

    exactly kingsley

    4 05-07-2016 15:00:00 +0000

  • christ okachi

    no more room for the a waiting result unless u go to North an state for admission

    4 05-07-2016 15:02:00 +0000