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    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    27-06-2016 15:46:00 +0000

    One wealthy man requested from an old scholar to help him wean his son away from his bad habits. The scholar took the boy into a garden. On there way, he stopped the boy and told him to pull a small grass growing in front of them, the boy with little or no effort pulled it out. He point at a pepper tree for him to do same, the boy pulled it out, this time with a little effort.

    The sage not still satisfy, this time around points at a cassava tree, with much strength the boy managed to pulled it out. The old scholar, this time makes it harder by telling him to pull out guava tree with a big trunk in front of the garden, the boy grasp the trunk, tried but he couldn't, he now turned to the scholar panting and breathing heavily and said it is impossible

    The old scholar then said that it is so with habit. When they are young, it is easy to pull them out, but when they take root strong enough they can not be uprooted.(submitted by Jay UK).

    This is exactly what happen to us when we allow a bad habit to grow over time in place of good habit. Brian Tracy will say that bad habit is easy to form but hard to live with, whereas good habit is hard to form but easy to live with. So dear lets try no matter hard it will be to form a good habit now, do not procrastinate it further because the time delayed in forming a good habit is the same amount of time used in watering a bad one. This is what i call "The law of conservation of time" Be wise. Thanks for reading this piece.

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  • Shegx01

    hmnnn hard to uproot!!! thanks to you sir, knowledge upgraded +1

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  • ganeey Bolanta

    Nice one.

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    thanks.a wise sayinh

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