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    19-06-2016 22:31:00 +0000

    BREAKING NEWS: This is to in form all Nigeria students, preparing for the fourth coming admission/ utmescreening. According to the meeting held today in Abuja. The scraping of post utme by FG will take effect from next Year. As said by Prof. Francis Bonke, from NUC. Universities have the right to screen her aspirants for admission in further speaking, Universities should go on and conduct her screening excercise. In addition, by Dr. Kelokpe Ojo, from University of Technology, Rivers. The scraping of Post Utme will take its effect next Year. Schools have no other way to screen their candidate, let's wait for next Year after devicing a new method for screening. Universities hereby urge every student to get prepared for the screening exam. As stated Post Utme forms will be on sale from July 1st- July 20. Get set as it comes Please rebroadcast to help re-position the minds of students who think there won't be Putme this year....

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  • nweke felix

    what did u mean by that

    2 19-06-2016 22:32:00 +0000

  • Jahsmine Godwin


    2 19-06-2016 22:32:00 +0000

  • duffy ruffy

    great information

    2 19-06-2016 22:57:00 +0000

  • Celestine ikegbunam


    2 19-06-2016 23:16:00 +0000


    we shall see

    2 19-06-2016 23:35:00 +0000

  • Ammar Umar

    wat man go do

    2 19-06-2016 23:47:00 +0000


    thank you,it is of great and important message

    2 20-06-2016 03:28:00 +0000

  • Ramlah Misbahdeen

    okay. however, hope the cut-off point remains as announced by the government and the validity of the jamb result remains for three year

    2 20-06-2016 03:51:00 +0000

  • Benita Nneka


    2 20-06-2016 05:02:00 +0000

  • Yusuf Ismail

    good and nice

    2 20-06-2016 05:29:00 +0000