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    "My first experience of academic friends made me smile in after years when i looked back on them. But my circle of acquaintance had gradually grown so large that it was only natural new friends should grow out of it"
    (George Ohm) Short Biography

    He was one of the three surviving child of family of seven children. Their father Johana Wofgan Ohm was a locksmith, while his mother Maria Beck was a daughter of a tailor. Their father who new actually the important of formal education did not enjoyed it but he spent almost all his time and money to make sure that his surviving children were properly educated. Being an entirely self taught man, he spent most of his time teaching his children.

    When he got admission into the university of Erlangen, he was carried away with school extra curriculum activities he indulge into clubbing, dancing, skating and what have you. This aroused his father fury, in an account that the opportunity that he so much long to have his son is wasting it. This made his father to withdrew him from school after about three semesters. It was then that his eyes were opened, but it was too late for him. He instead of giving up, he picked up a teaching job in some local school around and spent the rest of his time including sleeping hour studying and teaching himself. And it was in those studies that he was struck with the idea of Ohms law.

    When he observed that there is a relationship that exist betwixt voltage, current and resistance, he went ahead to publish this finding. what was he greeted with? Trust what science society will do rejection of course. His ideas was ridiculed and mocked. This made him to start feeling inferior for any academic position even teaching nursery school. He resign from his teaching job. This subjected him to leave a life of penury and disgrace for a whole six years. After the expiration of this dark side of his life, his idea was verified and found to be true, in an honour to that they made him a professor of experiment physics. This is a typical example of from grass to grace. It is to this that i always tell my student that If you want to be a scientist, just be ready to accept critics.

    Who are we talking about? He is a recipient of the Copley medal by the royal society, professor of experimental physics, an inventor. In an honour to his name, the unit of resistance is named after him. This made him to become one of the common household name in every electrical appliances. He is George Simeon Ohm.
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