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    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    10-06-2016 12:53:00 +0000

    "The important thing in life is not so much to obtain new facts but to discover new ways of thinking about the old one"
    (William Bragg)
    Some were born with golden spoon, others with silver, many with bronze and the rest with a wooden spoon. But as time progresses, exchange of spoon start occurring via a process i term "Natural Entropy" But there are few that still maintain their inherited golden spoon, one of such people is William Bragg. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia to Henry Bragg who was a professor of mathematics and physics at the university of Adelaide. William was the eldest child of sir Henry Bragg. After his pre-college education at st peter's college Adelaide, he moved to university of Adelaide were he graduated with a first class honour in mathematics before moving to trinity college, Cambridge to study physics. This time again badged out yet with another first class honour
    To really show up that his wide wealth of knowledge was not only limited to passing of exams and having first class. That his knowledge embraces giving solutions to societal problems, he started studying X-ray which was discovered by Professor Roentgen. The end product of that study gives birth to a famous law in crystallography known as Bragg's law of X-ray diffraction. This law turns out to form the basic determinant of crystal structure of substance including common salt. This law also helps to play a part in the discovery of DNA thus making William one of the few individuals that uses physics concept to solve biological problems
    In appreciation for such a discovery, the Noble committee dimmed him fit for a noble award. So at age 25 he was awarded the Noble award alongside his father, making him the youngest to have ever received such award thus the most youngest noble laureate ever in physics. He is also a recipient of many awards to mention but few: Copley medal, Royal medal etc and above the noble ward. He is an Australian-born British physicist, an X-ray crystallographer, he is sir William Lawrence Bragg.
    (Ref: wikipedia,

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    that's great

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    Waoo..what a great achievement.

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    such a wonderful physicist

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    This is great. May God let us discover so that we can recover.

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