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    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    07-06-2016 14:11:00 +0000

    "If i have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"
    (Isaac Newton)

    Short Biography
    He was born at Wools Thorpe, a hamlet in the Lincolnshire county on one Christmas morning three months before the actual nine months. That is to say he was born premature. He was born to an illiterate father who happens to die three month before his birth. At age three, his mother deserted him for his grand mother and remarried with one Barnabas.

    At his early teen, he felt dejected, rejected and abandoned by his family. This made young Newton to marry his books as a compensate to his kind of lonely life. After pre-college education at Kings school, he joined Trinity college, Cambridge. As a means of survival while in school he did some valets duties until he won a scholarship. At college, he found a mentor, who happens to be the first professor of mathematics in that school. This professor opened young Newton eyes to the world of unsolved problems in mechanics and mathematics.

    Despite this life of hardship, rejection and dejection by both his parent and peers, he was able to distinguish himself in the world of science by inventing calculus along with Leibniz, He formalize the universal gravitational law, gave the three comprehensive laws that govern motion. He was the first to state that light is actually made up of corpuscle, which we now call photons. He generalized the theorem of binomial expansion and many other too numerous to mention. He was and still remain the father of classical mechanics. In honor to his name, the unit of force is named after him. He is a mathematician, physicist, politician, he is Sir Isaac Newton.

    (Ref:, wikipedia)

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    Nice one

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    I wish to b lyk him or subpass him

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  • valentine micheal

    nice one

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    I wish I was like him

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    affliction is a privilege

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